Sunday Doe

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  1. Hunted Sat and seen 12 doe's and yearling's and 2-4 pts and 1-6pt and a spike.Could have stuck 4 does at 10 to 20 yards But waited for the Big boy's to show and never did.Sunday ended up taking a nice Size Doe at less than 10yards at 8:30am and she crashed 40 yards away from Impact Seen 13 doe's and yearling's and 1- 4 pt. Buck hunted till Noon.No big boy's sunday either.
  2. nice shot wallydog. Man you have had a lot of action for just two days in.

  3. That is alot of action...Congrats!
  4. thanks guy's,feels good to be in the woods again :) Good to get the shakes out of the system for the big boy ;) :p
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    I just seen this on another site.;) Congrats on a fine doe.:D