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Sunday at Berlin

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TritonBill, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. My buddy and I fished at Berlin on Sunday. We were on the water at 6am and idled over to the area we were going to fish. There was heavy fog and darkness so it was kinda interesting getting there! As soon as daylight came the fog rolled out and the sun got bright and intense. Much of the day was calm winds and sun making it a tough bite.

    It didn't take long to start catching fish, unfortunately they were all small fish except for one. We caught a lot of 8-11" walleye, evidence that they are reproducing and that there are healthy populations of smaller size fish. Our one big keeper of the day was around 24" and was caught around 8am. We saw 2 other boats net one nice walleye each as well. There were some white bass and crappie mixed in with the eyes. All in all we probably caught around 25 fish between 6am and 1:15pm. We fished 2 areas over by the railroad bridge and fished the breaklines mainly.

    There were also 2 different Bass tournaments at Berlin on Sunday. One was the Berlin BassCasters club championship, the other Whitacre's Fall Circuit. I know a couple of the BassCaster's guys since I used to be in that club. They had a fairly decent day. Another boat that I know of had a nice mixed bag of smallies and largemouth. It took around 10lbs to win Whitacre's tourney and I think around the same for the BassCasters. Not sure which group it was, but some of these guys need to learn what is safe and what is not safe! These guys were running on plane around 30mph or faster, 4 abreast in the fog! Talk about stupid... We had already been out fishing for a good hour before there tourney started so it was interesting to watch them buzz past in the fog. I was specifically told that by one boater that another boater ran right in front of them and almost got hit. People just need to slow down in situations like this.

    The water is still dropping fast so if your going out there be careful. It's getting to the point where if you don't stay in the channels you will likely beach your boat or end up in very skinny water. Get your map out, observe the channels and stay in them when running. West Branch is also getting lower by the day and be careful there as well.