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What a great time. Every year, the SSA hooks up with Big Brothers/Sisters to take some of the waiting list kids out and let them experience fishing. This years outing was fantastic. We provide the kids with a rod and reel, tackle, a stringer, all of which they can keep, plus teach them how to cast, bait a hook, tie knots, etc. Most of all, we just stand back and let them catch fish and have fun. There was A LOT of that going on, that's for sure.

All the kids registered for a Fish Ohio award and caught a TON of fish, including gills, bass, trout, and crappie. We're there from the club to help them out with bait, getting hooks out, etc. and to teach them how to fish and have fun.

It's a rewarding experience, passing on our knowledge to those who don't get the opportunity to get out the way we do. Lots of smiles from the kids and from all of us too.

Thanks to ODNR who hosts the event at the District 3 offices on Portage Lakes Drive. They fill those ponds up to ensure the kids have fun.

I posted pix of the event in my photo gallery. Stop by and check them out. Next year, I'd like to get the website more involved in getting some more kids out there. I think we had 8 this year, and there's room for more. I'll post some stuff next winter so we can get a good start on it. If anyone wants to talk before then, let me know and we'll get the ball rolling early.

Also, I shot a story on the event that will run on TV 23 Monday night at 6:30.


A story on OGF will be running Wednesday night at 6:30 on TV 23 also. I'll post another reminder later.

Enjoy the pix. (more in my gallery)



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I just wanted to say that it was a great time with the kids today. The pics Big Daddy took look great. I was glad to see the kids had a good time. All the SSA members were wishing they were kids today. It was unbelieveable how many fish were in these ponds. And boy they sure were hungry, no bait was really needed. Each SSA member was able to spend 1 on 1 time with the kids. You should have seen their faces light up when they got a nice sized fish on. It was a pleasure to spend some quality time with the kids. The boy I teamed up with ended up with well over 40 fish. All were gills, but man some of them I could barley get my hand around. The weather was great as well. I think the kids really enjoyed themselves, but I think the adults might have had just as much fun.

Thanks for posting the pics Big D. They look great!!!

Seeing the look on the boy's faces=PRICELESS!!!!
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