Summit/Portage area Hunter Ed classes

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  1. Just put in my schedule for Hunter Ed classes up until Sept. First one is march 14-15. If anyone wants a more private class (boyscouts, church group, hunting club) please feel free to contact me at the number below, and we can schedule it.

    Schedule Fri evenings 6-10pm, Saturdays 9am - 6pm

    March 14-15, 28-29
    April 4-5
    August 15-16
    September 19-20

    I will also be having a Home Completion course on June 14th from 9am-6pm. This course format has the student getting a workbook (by calling 1-800-WILDLIFE) and answering all the questions before arriving to the class. The class will consist of hands on training, a review and then the test.

    Anyone interested in scheduling a class for their family or group please contact me at 330-212-3650. The courses are free of charge as is all the materials. Any saturday classes please bring a lunch, for none will be provided.

    Good Luck and Safe Hunting
    John Michaels