Summit Lake

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  1. Any of you ever fish Summit Lake? Last summer I put my 18ftr. in and used electric motor to get around. 2 of us caught 6 bass all about 10in. We also saw a turtle whose shell was about 16in. in diameter. It seemed to hang around us for a while. The folks who were down there were giving us a look as if we had something they wanted, if you wnow what I mean. A 1950"s small jon boat may have been more appropriate than an 18ft. Lund.
  2. I have never fished there. Due to fear of my stuff getting ripped off. But i have fished the erie canal that connects to it . and there are some nice bass in there

  3. Oh by the way I am new to the site and have enjoyed fishing all my life. I've got three boys who also like it for 10 minutes. One will stay out all day just like his old man. Have a great season yall and hope to meet some of you here in the future.
  4. I fished it once last year for a very short time. We managed one nice 2-3 Lb Largemouth before the trolling motor shorted out putting an early end to the day. It was the first time we took the boat out after buying it in June. I was warned by a guy fishing from the pier to be very cautious around the north end of the lake. Apparently when they tore down the old amusement park they left the boardwalk up and now there are wood pylons just under the surface. During the summer I have seen some sticking out of the water but I fear the ones that may be there that are just a bit shorter.

  5. Fished that lake from my Triton. Got to have CCW permit!;)
    Dirty chemical muck bottom. Fish horizonally or on top, usually when the weeds get up on the south end. Good alarm for the vehicle too!!;)
  6. hey jeff-bob i would like to hit a lake with you sometime
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    Bingo! I fished it a few times in my kayak and then the 14' Lund. There wasn't anyone around in the morning when we launched but by the time we got back to the launch ramp from Nesmith it was dark and alot of people in the area.
    We got the looks too but never had any problem at all. That doesn't mean you won't however.
    We drove by it last Friday going to the Polish Club fish fry on Dan Street and it and the canal were frozen solid.
    There are decent bass in there. Some good ones in the lilypads in the south end by Kenmore Blvd.
  8. I wanted to check that lake out too! But, I am a little weary...I haven't heard much about good fish coming out of the lake.
  9. Big bass and no problems!

    Have fished it for years, the last couple out of a Triton. The only "problem" I've ever encountered is a pack of young uns followin me along the bank begging for a boat ride!

    If one is that paranoid or naieve, take a buddy and one of you drive the tow vehicle and trailer to the other side and park on the side of the street.

    You have a better shot at getting your windows broke, trailer wheels stolen or catalytic convertor cut off at Bonner Rd. out at Berlin than you do having something go down at Summit Lake! Then again, the less of you out there means more fish for me.;)
  10. I've always seen that lake from the highway and wanted to fish it. I didn't know their was a launch. what road is the launch on.
    I spent almost a year in Iraq, I think I'll survive a few trips to summit Lake:D
  11. I've always heard the locals refer to is as "SCUMMIT LAKE". I don't know the slightest about the body of water, but that slang name has always turned me off from going to the lake.
  12. The ramp is off of Lakeshore Blvd. From the West exit at Lakeshore and turn right at the light. Second drive on the right. From the East Exit at Lakeshore and turn left straight under the bridge and again the second drive on the right. Parking can be tough sometimes because they do not have spots for cars with trailers and I do not suggest unhitching the trailer and parking next to it.
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    I fish this lake a couple times a year. It is a great lake and all the bass Ive caught have looked very healthy. I never catch any dinks here. They are quality fish. I've never had a problem. I have heard that one guy had his trailer flipped over once. Anyone I have encountered has been friendly however once there was an older woman fishing right in the middle of the ramp. She just refused to move out of my way. I just started fishing right next to her and it didnt take her long to move, lol. I'm not worried anyway. I do have my CCW, lol.
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    The lake is a shame to be honest.Thats a
    pretty nice launch and dock behind the com.
    center and like 2 dozen boats put in a season.
    If they took down the basket ball court the
    park would be a lot safer!I remember the
    city wanted to put a boardwalk or walking
    path around the lake....for who?

    I'll never understand how the city let that
    lake front and the surrounding area go to hell
    like they have.I'd level the whole area and
    build it up,put a Walmart and some nice
    resturants.How nice would a Bass pro be
    on the banks of a nice,remodled Summit