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summer carp

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by traphunter, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    What tactics do you guys use do catch carp in the summer? How about night fishing for them up in the shallows? thanks for the info.
  2. Carping 101?

    Traphunter, I can't help but had a few questions as well, so I’ll just add to this post. I spotted a huge pod of carp the other night, maybe 30-40 fish, ranging from 3-approx 15lbs. I don’t know much of anything about carp other than throw corn & wait.
    1. Are they territorial – if I go the same location with the same conditions will they be there again? I checked this spot in the daytime & couldn’t find a single fish.
    2. I spotted them at night, are they more active nighttime?
    3. They were cruising about 3 feet down in about 6 feet of water & seemed to be feeding? I couldn’t tell on what but they were opening & closing their mouths but I couldn’t spot anything that they were feeding on? I tossed some corn but none of the fish were on bottom & didn’t seem interested in my offering.
    4. How long ahead of time do you have to chum for it to be effective?
    5. I’ve tried the packaged cat bait & never found it effective, is the packaged carp bait any better?


  3. Carp are quite active at night. There are a lot of carpers on this board that fish a tnight. As far as chumming is concerned, I would try to chum the spot 1 to 3 days before fishing. If possible, try and chum at the time of day or night you will be fishing. The more times you can chum in advance of your fishing trip, the better. The more chum the better. If you are going to use sweet corn as baits, then I'd recommend chumming sweet corn. A 6lb can of sweet corn costs $3. 6lb per chum per day would be great, but you might be able to get by with a half or third of that. You have to realize that if a lot of carp are involved, they can consume that chum in no time at all.

    Once you start fishing, it is important to keep chumming every 15 to 30 minutes once you know that fish are in your area. The idea is to get a school of fish in and to keep them there.

    Another effective, cheaper chumming substance is dried feed corn. You can purchase a 50 lb sack for around $5. Fill a 5 gallon bucket a little more than half full then add water. The corn will expand as it soaks the water. After about 8 hours, it will have expanded to maximum size.

    Chumming is something that I need to learn more about. Other people may give different advice, better advice, but my advice will get you started, it will get you in the ball park.
  4. I would chum a spot that is a travel route for the carp and you can figure that out simply by watching then move across an area... I like to chum a spot nomore then 10-12 ft wide and prefer to keep the fish in a tighter area by keeping the chum pile tight. A couple areas is better then one and the first day you can spread out the chum pile a little wider to attract them easier but its not really needed they can smell very good... Look for areas with no snags because they will break you off in them for sure... I like wide open spaces LOL
    I boil field corn for an hour then let it ferment in an old cooler I picked up out the the trash for a couple days till it start to smell sweet... You can add a cup of sugar to speed the process up if you want but its not really needed.
    I use a yellow plastic bat with the end cut off to toss the corn out and I do it right before night fall for 2-3 days and your good to go after that... Pickup a small plastic scoop used for dog food at a pet shop for about a buck to load your bat up...
    Remember to toss out a 1/2 bat full after every fish you catch to keep them active and coming in...
    For bait use sweet corn right out of the can and to have a little fun sweeten the corn up even more by adding a dash of karo syrup and some extract for attractent like vanilla or anise ... I always keep a small bucket of lake/river water to wash my hands off after baiting the hook because that stuff can get real sticky quick LOL... Keep a small towel handy to dry your hands too...
    Have fun and take some pics for us who have not been able to go out but have a limited amount of knowledge to share for those that do :D :rolleyes:
  5. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    I guess a problem I may have with chumming is chumming 2-3 days everyday in advance. The places I usually fish for carp are about 25-30 mins. away, and with gas prices being so high, it just wouldnt be to practical for me. I do have some more questions though.

    > If I were to go to the feed store to get a 50lbs. bag of corn, would I ask for a special type, or would I just say corn?

    > How deep of water would you recremend fish at daytime? Nightime?

    > Is the bat you are talking about, one of those wiffle ball bats?

    > How far do you fling the corn out there?

    It may seem like Im asking alot of questions, but to be honest with you guys, I dont think I have caught one carp yet this year while puposly trying to catch them.:eek: I havent fished for th:D em as much as I did last year but still, Im craving some carp right now. lol
  6. Ok let me try to answer your questions best I can man..

    If I were to go to the feed store to get a 50lbs. bag of corn, would I ask for a special type, or would I just say corn?
    Ask for shucked field corn and it should be the whole not cracked...

    How deep of water would you recremend fish at daytime? Nightime?
    I like to keep mine just past the weedline if I can or keep it on a harder bottom. Still does not matter because that yellow corn really shows up on a bed of weeds but it will be harder to fish a bed of weeds so if you have to chum weeds you can still fish just past your chum pile to the left right or behind it... Does not matter how deep day or night. Too deep and the carp won't be there or find your bait in my opinion as fast as if shallow.

    Is the bat you are talking about, one of those wiffle ball bats?
    Yup dats da one man... Got mine from a dollar store well for a dollar :)

    How far do you fling the corn out there?
    As far as you can man... I can toss mine out to about 25 yards most of the time with the wind beyind me. Which is how I like to fish because it blows out the scent of the corn. I also catch channel cats from around these chum piles too which for is a bonus ;)

    Me too but for me it is well worth it because at times last year I could not use two rods after chumming a spot real good. But the evening before will be better then not at all. I don't do good if I chum then try to fish right away....

    Last year we had 5-50lb boxes of sweet corn from work that was no good so I chummed an area which was good to go all summer long. I had corn everywhere man if you can imagine that much being tossed out LMAO