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Saturday, April 28th through Wednesday.

Did a lot of reef fishing and the bite was outstanding. There wasn't a day that we weren't limited out in an hour. From talking to a lot of folks, the bite seemed to slow as the week went on and the winds died. I never ventured farther out than 2 miles from the mount of Turtle Creek.

This is what I learned.

Purple or john deer green were the hot colors, but honestly I dont think it mattered. I used a purple jig until I lost it and then finished the week with a john deer green. By the time I lost the purple jig I think it literally had 10 or less strands of hair on it and very little paint, so I don't think color was much of a factor. Also, I never ever ever ever use minnows, I'm sure they don't hurt, but I've never had a day where we did better with then, it just costs more money, its more of a hassel and I think half the time they fall off shortly after hitting the water.

A lot of people chased the boats and Saturday and Sunday the packs headed north and east to deeper water. I never fished deeper than 16 fow Sat. through wed. and 90% of the time was spent in 12 fow just a mile NE of the breakwall, basically starting my drift a little north and west of Wild Wings and drifted east to Turtle creek. I rarely had anyone within a hundred yards of me and we smacked em day after day. Lesson learned, give those single boats and small packs a good shot before you head to the big ones, if they were nocking them dead out there, all those boats wouldnt be sitting together, they'd be limited an headed home. Also, I would never leave turtle creek and run farther than a mile without giving it 20 minutes to the east and the west of the channel, those rocky flats hold a lot of fish in the spring and some nice bonus smallies.

The most important factor to catching fish was a slow short pop, not those big snaps that you see a lot of guys doing. Basically put the rod at 9 and pulled her to 11 and let the line go slack, about the time it hit the bottom, repeat. Once you got the hang of it, the fish were on!

By Monday I was catching limits of 24'' walleye jiggin in 12 fow. I never caught one over 25, but lots of 22's to 24's which was a good grade compared to the prior couple weeks.

Wednesday night I stay on Kelleys to do some trolling and perching for the next couple days. Guess I should have had more contact with the outside world, tv, radio, something, because my tent blew over me in the morning and when I left it was rough, there were some 10's mixed in for sure, it was bad. On the south side it was 4's and 6's, but the north btwn kelleys and middle was the worst Ive seen in a while.

I quit fishing for a few days because of the weather and got back out Saturday, out of TC. I tried shallow, 12 fow, 15 fow, 16, nothing. I couldnt find a thing and visibility was minimal. So I headed in the direction of boats and decided I would try cone reef, I'll be darn if thats not where everyone else was. I tried to troll early on, south and north of the reef, but my good friend with me had no experience with boards and the waves were pushing the boat everywhere, boards were turning over, line were tangling, it was ugly. So we went back to jigging and managed a limit in about 2.5 hours on purple and green. The worm bite definately picked up, I saw a lot caught on harnesses and bouncers, and half way through the day I started tiping my jig with a worm, which seemed to help.

I think the jig bite will be gone one the water clears, the fish will be staged around the dumping grounds, intake, west sister, flats between west sister and west reef, etc. They're definately on their way east. It's sad to see the jig bite go, it's when I have the most fun out there.

This season was a blast, I caught fish off little cedar point I could see, I hand lined a lot of walleye right under the boat, I had several quad hookups in the boat, a lot of 24's, had days with over 100 fish boated, it was simply and amazing spring. Hope you all did well, I'll be back to slinging harnesses next trip out and my goal is to catch a few limits on my old Erie Deries this year, as well as learn more about this trolling gig.

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Hey E.A., Glad to hear you had a fabulous spring. It hasn't been too bad for myself either. Well here's to wishing you a good summer, good luck with learning trolling, and if you'd like to go along with me sometime your more than welcome. We do a ton of trolling and maybe we can help show you the ropes. Take care.
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