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suma frog??

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by chopper, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know what that frog Rojas was using in the classic this year? I think someone said that it was a suma frog. Who makes it and has anyone else tried it? Thanks.

  2. Thanks Bandit. That is it. I recognize the eyes and the long legs. I have some scum and pads that I would like to try this on. I bet the legs is what causes them to strike. After you pop it a few times the legs settle back down after you stop. That drives bass crazy. Its like a chug bug. They settle the back down after you stop. Thanks for the info. I'm going to order now.
  3. I’ve been using the SUMO frogs for about two years now. They sell them at Dixie Marine in the Cincinnati area. White has been my most productive color. I like to add a worm rattle, and trim the legs. Only problem……..about a 10% hook-up rate!
  4. I agree with Rooster on the poor hook-up rate. I've tried a lot of different slop frogs and modified them as much as possible and I still miss a lot of fish. I wonder if Rojas has a secret for better catch-rates? I've also done better with white and black frogs than with green frogs. I fish them in lilly pads and the green frogs don't stand out from the color of the vegetation enough. The black ones work well at low light.

    Even if you miss a lot of fish, it's still a lot of fun seeing a bass bust the lure :)

  5. I have trouble with other frogs and hook-ups too. Rojas must have a different set of hooks on it or something. But did you see where he was using it? Under low hanging trees. He would pitch it under the branches and twitch it out. The bass can probably see it better than coming through pads or sloop. Even with misses it helps me locate bass. All pads don't hold bass and if I can find them, maybe I can go to a tube or worm and get them. I'll let you know.