Suggestions.....for 04/06 A.M.

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BigDCat, Apr 5, 2008.

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    Hey Ohio Game Fishing Community.....:)

    Thought I might as well sign up and use the community members for some assistance.

    The boy (16yr.old) is dying to get out there tomorrow, and I won't have access to a boat, so I need to figure out a game plan for an early AM trip tomorrow morning fishing from shore.

    I thought about making the 1 1/2 hr drive to Mosquito, but I have never fished it from the bank for Walleye. I've done really well south of the causeway when the weed bite kicks in, but I've never been there early in the year, and I've never shore fished near the causeway, so I could use your advice on a good place to setup shop when I get there.

    A little closer to me is Walborn, Deer Creek and Berlin. I've fished under the bridge just off Rt.225/Price Street and done pretty well on Crappie and Walleye, but I'm not sure what the water is like. Has anyone been out there? I called Walborn, and the water is still pretty messed up, but they are catching Crappie.

    Anyway, I gotta decide where to go.......Any suggestions and your help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks !!
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    welcome aboard. im donning the waders this morning. if i wasnt, id be sitting in the SW or NW rocks on the causeway. minny under a bobber about 2 feet, cast on out and casting a jig and minny with the other pole. stick with the jig and minny until the bobber bite picks up and then switch both poles to that. but im going to go get good luck

  3. snake69

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    Was at Berlin yesterday, headed back up now, but a guy caught 90 crappie at the Rt14 bridge yesterday. Just a thought......welcome aboard...lots of good info here.
  4. BigDCat

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    Well, I wound up making the trip to Mosquito Sunday morning so the boy could see the lake first-hand.

    I stopped at the Causeway for a couple dozen minnows, and he fished the Southwest side of the Causeway. Didn't get there until 6:45 - 7:00 a.m.(1.5 hr drive)

    I think the action had dried up on the Causeway after daylight. The boy caught a Crappie and a decent sized perch. (1/32 oz. jig tipped with minnow.......3 ft.......under a pencil bobber). The guy beside of me had been there since 4:30-5:00 a.m. and had 6-7 decent sized Crappie in his bucket, but he caught them all earlier in the morning before daylight.

    I drove down to the far south end off Rt.305 after we were done at the causeway, and when I passed the the roadbed at the Cemetery, it had quite a few boats sitting on it. There were also 4-5 guys wading off the points at the far south end of the lake, a bunch of guys sitting on the rocks bobber fishing, and a few fishing the spillway. Not sure how anyone did, but I personally didn't see anyone catching anything after daybreak.

    We'll be back in couple weeks to throw the boat in see if we can round up a few Walleye.