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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by bgrapala, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. bgrapala

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    I was considering buying this line to put on a new STX. I just wanted to know what in the world would you use neon orange line for?? Any suggestions?
  2. I personally like the line it casts well and is pretty durable. but i have no clue what you use the orange line for haha

  3. The One

    The One Ret. 1SG U.S. Army

    Orange actually appears red under water after the first three feet then refracts ambient cool light temperatures between 3-20ft which is about as thick as the BS I'm typing here. Maybe it's just an alternative high vis color?
  4. soua0363

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    The orange is a hi-vis line. Its great to when the basses are biting extremely light like when you through a bait in the water and the bass takes it during slack line and the only way you can tell is if the line is moving. Low-vis green is hard to see certain time of the day. I have caught a lot of basses just by watching my line move without ever feeling a bite. I have not personally use the hi-vis color but will be doing so this year. What people do is color a 5 foot section of it in permanent marker and/or tie on a 2+ feet mono or fluoro leader.
  5. I use the high vis green casting jigs during the April spawn in the Western Basin for the same reason SOUA stated. I see the slack go out of my line prior to cranking the reel and I set the hook! During this stage of the game Walleye fishing it just seems to me it is all a reactionary strike on a lure and line color doesn't matter. Maybe this is the reason for the high vis orange?