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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by devildog, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. devildog

    devildog hardcore fisherman

    I know I'm probably gonna get some heckeling for this one, but does anyone here fish the spring sucker run? I know, why fish for suckers when the steelies are in the river. Well one because I'm absolutely no good at it and two fighting 10 to twenty suckers in acouple hours is pretty fun. Any way does any one know exactly when they start to come into the rocky? I've done this the last three years and I Usually start the end of Feb or early march. I was wondering if I could be starting earlier. Oh and if anyone is interested Find a ford and throw a 3" grub (white,or yellow work best) on a 1/4 oz plain jig head and just reel slow and steady. I rarely foul hook any and if I do its usually near the mouth. My best day was last year (30). And I even Managed to catch two of those pesky steelies last year with this same method. Sorry so long (I'm bored)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


    suckers are excelent fish,and my favorite
    behind carp species.iam not sure when they
    will start to run in the Rocky,but i wouldnt
    be suprised if you grab a few now,esspcially
    with the high water.i ussually fish local for
    them and can catch a few in Jan along with
    a rake of chubs,but i have the best action in
    early-mid Mar.the ones i go up against are not
    very large,up to 1 1/2-2lbs but definally worth
    facing the weather for.i would like to get on some
    of those big 5-6lb whites they have up in the drainage
    rivers some day.

  3. Yup, you are not alone , me, my wife and son fish for them on a catch and release basis. I don't know what you use to catch them but we use jigs tied with yellow feathers and they do hit them. No snagging, just honest hook ups. As far as when they are in Rocky River it is hard to say, you just have to be there at the right time. Maybe someone else can set you straight on when they are in. :confused:
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  4. devildog

    devildog hardcore fisherman

    Thanks for the reply. I was hoping someone would say there might be a chance now.So tomorrow morning I'm gonna give it a shot. If nothing else I'll get a look at the river and let ya all know how bad it is. Actually I do best for the suckers when the river is really roaring. Just find a slow eddy and bam!!!!! Most times if they are in there you can see them flipping on the surface. If anyone would like to meet up sometime let me know. Unfortunately My best friend and loyal fishing partner is leaving for the war in Irac next week so I'm out a fishing buddy for at least a year. Really gonna miss him...
  5. Devildog,

    I too fish for Suckers in the Rocky. I love to fish for Steelies, but catching Suckers on ultralite tackle is a blast. Just to let you know, I did see a couple of Suckers moving up in the high water last week. So I know that there are some in the river.

  6. the rocky's secret is out...
  7. devildog

    devildog hardcore fisherman

    Well boys I went down today. I didn't see another soul. Too bad cause the river isn't all that bad. hooked up with a steelie on my first cast followed by two more and didn't get one of them into the shore. Oh well good fights anyway. Had about four other fish on but never saw them but they felt like suckers. And for you steelie boys I saw about thirteen of them monsters come to the surface in the hour and a half I was there. The water is high but not insane. And there was even some visibility about oh six inches. Once this snow melts it will probsbly be roaring, so if I were you I'd get my butt down there today or tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. WOW... I hope to hear how well others do this weekend...
  9. Wow--figured wouldn't even be able to get close to a river this weekend....anybody heard about any activity on the Vermilion??
  10. Dingo


    Did you catch 'em on spawn, or other?
  11. Devildog,
    Where along the Rocky???
    I wouldn't mind trying for some suckers or steelies.
  12. devildog

    devildog hardcore fisherman

    Today I was fishing at rockcliff ford. I have also caught some off the low wall at the marina in the past. The steel head hit on the 3" grubs I was talking about. Today I was throwing white and yellow