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    I was wondering if some of you guys that hit the rivers know of a good place to catch some suckers. I would like to get a few in the 10" and large size for Muskie fishing. I am in the dayton area. If you catch some I would galdly take them off your hands.;)

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    Check your pm's.

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    Now we're talking! I'm not sure about your local rivers, but here in NE Ohio we do have plenty of suckers and chubs. I usually catch them using basic live bait and a small (#10 or #12) salmon egg hook. Faster water is always a good bet.

    If you cannot keep the fish alive for a long time, kill it. When you use a quick strike rig for muskies, you will hook it up just as you normally would. But pick up some live minnows before you head out. I attach one minnow to the front hook and two to the treble in the rear. Gives some lively action!