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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Fishman, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Thats right guys, I finally got into fish this weekend! What a breath of fresh air it was. I hit up some small creek in SW Ohio - honestly I don't know the name. Basically what I did was start driving - about 40 minutes East of Cinci looking at my detailed maps for streams, creeks, and rivers. I checked out many and selected only one. After parking along the road I rigged up a tube and grabbed a bag of tubes and some jig heads.

    As soon as I got to the water I knew I was going to catch fish. Directly under the bridge I saw a nice sized carp catching some shade near a pillar, 3 smallmouths hanging out near a rock, and lots of sunfish all about a brushpile. I was on about a 15 foot ledge, but figured what the heck - and I made a cast. On the first cast I got a bite, pulled back on it and saw a small gill swim off. Oh well at least there was fish here! Another cast, another small gill unhooked. The smallies swam off and I headed down the hill.

    I fished the brush pile for about 10 minutes, getting small runs, and only seeing gills. It was fine with me, at least I was feeling something on the end of my line - this was a first in a very long time. A friend who was along with me was having the same luck, runs and no hook ups. He took some time out to look under rocks for snakes. Holy snake mania, snakes up the wazoo. Even though I was in a fishing mood I took a few minutes to catch some snakes. Kept a small northern water snake and a great looking queen snake for the tank at home. I just now starting to realize how cool snakes are! This place was litterly infested with them, and that was a good thing.

    Okay back to fishing. I had planned on wading up stream for obvious reasons, but I felt inclined to wade a short stretch of river below me as there was a nice bend with rock out croppings I figured had to hold some fish. After a short trek and fishing very shallow water I was still nill on the fish catching. Undettered I headed back up stream, hit the brush pile again and was still skunked. As I headed further up stream it seemed to only get shallower. But the scenery was great and I was having a good day aside from the sweltering weather. As I walked I saw lots and lots of suckers and small bass. But it was always too late and the spooked off.

    Then I came accross the weirdest thing I have ever seen in a stream, the mother of all pools. No joke, this thing was litteraly a big pond. My first cast I hooked up with what felt like a huge fish. Now keep in mind, after going fishless for sometime a small fish feels large. I landed a nice 12" smallie. I released him happy that I finally had caught a fish down here. Another cast into the same area, a nice plump rock bass. Another cast, a snag! Dangit. I let my friend make a few cast into my spot before I waded out to get my tube, and he hooked a tiny little smally. This was good, as hes been on a dry spell about as long as me.

    We fished the pool for about an hour, I caught several more rockbass, smallies, and a largemouth. After throughly fishing the pool we headed up stream. For as far as I could see it was a shallow run. Thristy and pleased with catching fish I headed home :)
  2. Let me be the first to say "Hip Hip Horray". Way to go and glad to hear it.

  3. flathunter

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    Glad to hear you finally caught a fish, it has been along time for me also :eek: ..Bad year for you to huh? :D
  4. Good job on the fishing. In my experience with smallies in the rivers if you can find a nice deep pool like you mentioned you can usually find plenty of fish there in late summer. The rivers are running at lower pool and they really seem to draw to those areas. Now the real fun is to go there right before dusk and start tossing a Rapala Original Floater in the shallow flats at the tail of the pool or at the edge of the riffle feeding the pool. This is where we usually would find the bigger smallies. We could fish these areas during mid-day hours and mostly get the small fish. But right at dawn and dusk it seemed to be feeding time for the big boys.By the way the Rapala in gold and black was always my killer during that time. I would just cast it into the current and slowly run it shallow across the stream.
  5. Good job tommy!!!!! And that sure does sound like danny, stopfishing to look for snakes. How many cast did he make before he gave up, 3? Did he climb any trees or look of sheds. HAHA tell him i said hey.
  6. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    It wasn't Danny I was fishing with, he goes home every weekend.
  7. catking

    catking Banned

    About time fishman :D .DA KING !!!
  8. Man that story reminds me of a lot of my own fishing adventures. Thanks for posting this; I havent' been out creek fishing in a while myself and now I think I'll go out adventuring this Sunday looking for a new fishing hole :)

  9. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Sometimes a good creek fishing outting is all it takes to rekindle the flame :)
  10. Speaking of snakes, there are 3 poisonous snakes in ohio. Can you name them without looking it up?

    (scroll down for answer after guessing)

    Timber rattlesnake, pygmie rattlesnake and copperhead

    (sorry, the closest cotton mouths get to ohio is western kentucky)
  11. Darn! You stumped me on the snake trivia. I thought I knew them fairly well. However, I did not come up with the pygmy rattlesnake.:rolleyes:
  12. What about the eastern dimondback?Nice good on the fish Fishman,Pics????
  13. It sure sounds like him though
  14. Actually the ODNR list the three poisonous snakes of Ohio as the Northern Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake, and the Eastern Massasauga. The pygmy rattlesnake is not listed as an Ohio species evidently.
  15. We have got letters from the DRN asking us to let them know if we see an eastern on our land,yea right.
  16. So that was a Massasauga rattler in my basement. I live outside of Owensville,Oh. Not knowing any better, I caught what looked like a Eastern Massasauaga lying under a desk lamp takeing in the warmth. It was only about 10 inches. Being an idiot at the time, I put it in a covered bucket and left it over night on the Kitchen table. Next morning it was gone. Not sure where???? Had a friend from out of town visiting. He was up earlier then me. He claims it was gone when he got up. I know he is deathly afraid of any kind of snake. He claims he didn't touch it. I always thought he either let it go or killed it. In hindsight I hope that he did kill it. I'll never know. Looked just like the pic pages/rattlesnake_e_mass/rattlesnake_e_mass.html "YIKES"
  17. remind me not to come over to your house :eek:
  18. FishnJoe,

    Are you sure it was the Eastern Massasauga or could it have been this one.

    We have plenty of these milk snakes in our area. There coloration is quite similar to rattlers however the pattern is different. Incidently these are quite harmless. It may make you feel better to convince yourself that it was the milk snake.;) They also like to find their way into homes and barns.

    If it were a Massasauga it would have had an clearly visible rattle.
  19. Eastern Massasauga rattlers like swampy areas... Used to live in upstate NY and a photog-naturalist disappeared in a swamp that I used to trap. They found him with a little bite on his calf...cold as a stone. It was a big swamp and I guess he couldn't make it out before the venom got him. I haven't seen them in Ohio, but did in NY. Hard to make them bite and they usually run rather than fight. Yeah, I like snakes too. Dropped a black rat snake under my porch this summer and surprise, no more mice or chipmunks...whahahhahaha