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sturgeon fishing

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishing247, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. since i post quite a bit on the sw board i thought i would share these with everyone. my wife and i went fishing for white sturgeon in the fraser river in british columbia, canada last weekend. this is our second trip up there. man what a blast. those fish jump completely out of the water. last year i caught a 6footer that jumped 7 times. if anyone is interested in going there to fish, pm me and i will give you more info. flights can be chep if you book early with skybus out of columbus. we flew round trip for $118. $59 each way. trips cost $500 + liscense. well anyway, here are the pictures from the 2 trips if i copied them correctly.

  2. sorry, i will try to figue out how to post the pictures.

  3. The pics are viewable as is ....if you cut and paste the location.

    This does get a pic if it gets dropped into the internet address line........but that is cumbersome.

    Thanks for posting this thread. Anyone who enjoys fishing...and the hunt for big fish.....will enjoy your thread. Have seen some shows on TV about this kind of's got to be an incredible rush.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    What do those bad boys weigh?
  4. 4 footers weigh about 40
    5 footers weigh about 85
    6 footers weigh about 150
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    wow this thread has been up for 20 mins and has got 15post lol ;) at least ya got the pics.

    As to the sturgeon fishing must be a hell of a fite with those badboys cool story
  6. to bad most of the posts are my screw-ups. the fight is awesome. it took my wife about 15-20 minutes to get hers in and last year it took about 40 minutes for me to get my 6ft to the boat. i couldn't lift my arms the next day.
  7. That looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  8. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Man those are awsome, thanks for sharing!
  9. ‘fishing247’

    Thanks for sharing those awesome sturgeon pictures! I was wondering what your approach is when fishing for those brutes up there. Do you tightline with cut bait as you would for catfish, do you cast lures as you would for bass, or do you troll large baits as you would for muskies? Is it strictly a boat thing or do people target them from the bank as well?
  10. we have used a varity of baits the 2 years we have been there.

    this year we used stink bait (rotten sockeye salmon) and pike minnow heads.
    2 years ago we used soft craws, fresh water eals and stink bait tied to a hook.

    it is so rotten the guide has to tie it on otherwise it would fall off and man does it stink. we had to go to the front of the boat so we wouldn't puke when he was tieing it on.

    we fish dead line on the bottom using an 18 ounce weight or bigger and not very far out from the boat. maybe 50 feet.

    we caught most of our fish deap (40 ft) this year because the river is still flooded. last tiem we were in about 15 feet of water.

    i asked the guide about fishing from the bank and said people target the smaller ones but a 6 footer or bigger and you will need the boat to chase the fish. the guide unhooks the anchor that has a bouy tied to hit so he get's spot back after he chases and drags the bigger fish to shore for pictures. someone from shore would get spooled by these monsters. our guide has spent hours getting the 10 and 11 footers in and has traveled miles chasing them. a 9ft sturgeon weighs over 400 pounds so they are in charge for a while as you wear them out. earlier this year it took 4 guys fisghting a fish for 2 hours before they got it in. it was 11 ft long. man i can't immagine. my 6 footer wore me out and my arms were cramping the next day.
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    Where do I sign up :D
  12. if you fly skybus out of columbus you can get there cheap. i have seen prices as low as $50 one way. it costs about $500 a day for the guide. pm me and i will give you the info on the guide i use or just google "fraser river sturgeon fishing guides". there are a few to choose from. there is also a lodge that you can select different packages with different prices. i went and looked at the lodge and really liked it. they are on the banks of the fraser river in british columbia, canada. i will try them next time.