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Stupidest Criminal...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by matt81, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Nothing is funnier than a stupid criminal, right?

    There was a case where a burglar fell asleep on the bed, in the house,
    with the couple whose house he was robbing. It sounds crazy, but it's a
    true story. The folks at The Smoking Gun are having a funny award for
    this year's "Stupidest Criminal", so I thought to start a thread here
    to see if there were any good stories out there that we can submit to
    their editors (long-shot but hey, you never know!!) In case you want to
    check it out the show (it's called The Smoking Gun Year End Special),
    it's going to air next Thursday night, I believe at 10pm. These guys
    can be pretty hilarious so it's worth taping in case you aren't going
    to be home.

  2. I bet if that OGF old timer 'Ichabod' reached back into his files that he could come up with a good candidate.