stupid jerks at alum NO COURTESY

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  1. meisterdog

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    My Wife An I Are Crappie Fishing At Alum And Along Comes An Idiot In A Nice Boat With 3 People In It. I Am Past The Howard Rd. Bridge In The First Cove And This Lowly Educated Person Begins To Stop 10 Feet From Me. I Say You Gonna Fish Here And He Says Yeah Its A Free Lake. Then He Leaves To Go Across The Way. We Move A Little To Get Out Snaggs And Sure Enough Here Comes The Idiot Again. This Time He Tries To Stop. What Should I Do Next Time. This Is Where Concealed Carry Would Come In Handy. I Think.
  2. Ahh,,, a super soaker water gun will do the job.....

  3. or a sling shot and an open bottle of deer urine!:mad:
  4. I try to stay away from Alum on the weekends, with so many people packing in there your chances of running into a bad apple are alot greater.
  5. freyedknot

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    throw your anchor out a few times ,then find another area.
  6. Concealed carry is to protect your life, not for shooting ignorant/retarded boaters. You would have to shoot over 1/2 the boaters at Alum, it would cost a small fortune in ammo.

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    I don't think concealed carry premits were designed to protect fishing spots in public water....:rolleyes:

    I would just move on down the road....
  8. crittergitter

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    You could try this approach:

    Hey man, how are you today? This is a good spot, we have been catching a lot of fish. However, our live well is filling up and we aren't catching very many now??? I guess they aren't hungry anymore?

  9. Its everywhere though and it was going on before we got here and it will happen after we check out, my son and I were in Florida a couple weeks ago fishing from a pier, my son would catch a fish and bring it over to me to take the meantime people are scamming his spot, adults taking a 12 year olds spot:confused:
  10. I believe I would have just gone for a swim.:D They would not want to hang around and fish once they heard all the raucous my boys can make when they start swimming.;)

    I assume the CCW comment was mentioned with tongue in cheek. As was said that only applies to protecting from bodily harm and clearly that is not the case.

    That is a good one.:D:D
  11. flounder

    flounder 2 min 30 sec from Hoover

    That's why I always say "been here two hours and haven't caught a dam thing!" or just take a leak as they pull up. That works every time.
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    Now imagine how us landlocked fishermen feel when there is all that water out there and people decide to park right on our spot when we're catching fish, or better yet when the bass fishermen just troll right on through over the spot or the jerks in the speeding boats and jet skis just blast through for no reason when they have the ENTIRE lake that they can access.
  13. I like to cast a 2oz musky bucktail near their boat
  14. Just keep casting over their line and every time politely apologize, insist on clearing the tangle then act slow and take forever to so carefully clear the tangled line talking to them the entire time about all kind of jibberish, then cast over their line again and start the cycle over until you drive them out.
  15. I would fire up the engine and take off real fast to cause a lot of waves and to chase the fish away- Then later in the day when they are gone come back to that spot to fish.
  16. never better said i hate when bass fishers cross your lines and then get your line caught in the trolling motor...i guess it is gonna happen every day someplace
  17. seethe303

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    quietly slip into the water and swim over beside their boat undetected.


    rise up with much fury like a kraken of the deep while uttering the most Lovecraftian of screams. Pull the offending party into the water, again producing hellish screams that will chill their very soul. After they are nice and wet and scared dip back under water and pop back into your boat.

    works for me every time!
  18. I never though about tainting the water. Thing is, with my luck I would get arrested for public indecentcy.
  19. bassteaser1

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    yeah,just stand up and take a leak toward their boat.That should do the trick,if not start blowing your horn and yelling flasher,that will scare them off.
  20. ParmaBass

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    I like to act like I've never fished a day in my life. Casting very eratically in ALL directions! If this doesn't work I put my thong on and begin to work on my suntan!