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  1. Ok dumb question.. can i fire a slug out of a normal 12 gauge barrel? i only duck hunt but my buddy almost promised me an easy doe if not a buck if go down to his land around marrietta next weekend. I have a remington 870 with a 26'' skeet barrell and also a 28'' modified. He said i could but it wouldn't be that accurate. Any advice? i would rather not buy a $130 slug barrel for one weekend but i don't want to cripple the deer with a bad shot either.
  2. I shot Brenneke KO slugs out of a smoothbore Remington 870 barrel for years with very good accuracy. Go get a few boxes of different brands of RIFLED slugs and hit the range. Zero your gun at 50 yards. Practice with different brands until you find the one which works best for your particular gun.

    You should be able to get very acceptable groupings at 50 yards.

  3. Depending on the gun results will vary but I think you can attain a pretty good pattern with the modified barrel. If it is a vent rib barrel it should have bead sights on it. However if it is not vent rib, your problem may be that the sights are not good enough to attain any accuracy. The only way you will know for sure is to throw a few slugs through the gun. Don't get wrapped up in buying any other the special loads because many times you can get by with standard slugs. I have been using an old winchester 12 guage with a 30" barrel and bead sights for years. I can get a good group out to 100 yards and I have taken a couple out a touch over 100 yards. But the key is to shoot the gun and see a what range you are comfortable making say a 4" group and stick with shots within that range.
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    mojo, my slug gun of choice is the 870 - 26 inch smooth barrel. I don't know if they all shoot like this one but it's a good slug gun. I practice with milk jugs filled with water at 50 yards. I bought it from a buddy who went with a new 870 with scope and slug barrel. I think he misses the ole 870. I shoot the cheap rem. sluggers out of it. The only thing I could do to make it better would be to add a red dot scope. I had a 4 power on it and it kept breaking my glasses from the recoil. OUCH.........that hurts. Took the scope off and shoot with just a single bead in the front. If I can bust a milk jug at 50 yards I'm happy with that.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. worm i hear ya on the scope hitting the eyes. i saw my buddy after he just got is new 30-06. kept the eye a little to close to the scope and had a bloody ring around his Those things kick like a horse. So one more question...... between the 2 barrels i have, which one would be better? they both have bead sights. just wondering if the extra length or different choke would make a big difference.
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    either barrel will work,but personally,i'd go with the skeet barrel,as it would likely shoot best,due to being a more open choke.that's not set in stone though,so you could throw some slugs through both barrels and see which one performs best.