Stump Likker?

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Uglystix, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. I've used Deer Cane with great results but I found this Stump Likker on sale at dicks. Has anyone had any luck with this?......Also I have a thread in the lounge asking for a Bass Guitar player check it out if you're interested..Thanx
  2. I've used the Buck Jam and swear by it! I put a 50# bag of corn down and a gallon of buck jam around the pile and deer are in heaven... Until Sept 27th! Then I'll be in heaven when I get one of the Big boys eatin all that!

  3. Thanks for the reply..I just put some out yesterday gonna wait till Saturday to check it..I'll let you know if I get attacked by deer :)
  4. Last year I tried a mineral salt block and put the volcano topper on it and it was a suprise. It foamed up just like a shaken coke bottle. It's just to get a scent into the air. Well I placed the block on the ground beside a stump and this fall the block was gone and now there's a 3' x 2' hole. I've replaced the block beside the hole and we'll see.
    I thought the straight thing through the hole was a cable, but no, it is a root.
  5. i'm going to give buck jam a try.... i'm going to set it out in front of my cam tonight. i'll be out of town till the 22nd. i'll let you all know.
  6. I tried the stump likker & it worked very well. I poured it over an old stump & the stump was completely gone in a month or so. They didn't really hit it until we got a little rain then they went nuts. The stump was a little too soft though .............. don't put it on one that's pretty much gone. I've used it off & on for 4 years & it's worked every time.