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  1. I have been consistently logged on since April. This is after near daily shut downs and regular program updates. I made a favorite link to the site and it has always brought me to the page I first signed on back in April. I have since deleted any links and used a search engine to "refind" the site. After opening the site I still have the same April homepage.
    Also if I drag the pointer across some of the ads on the side it seems to move and paste them about a quarter inch off the original spot. This happens with some of the lists in forums as well just not as consistently as the ads thing.
    Any suggestions? Or is this one of those stupid Microsoft Vista issues?
  2. liquidsoap

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    Try deleting your cookies

  3. Also don't forget to delete your temporary files (private data). It sounds like it is getting a stale file somewhere.
  4. I did all that. I will double check on the cookies issue.
    Thanks for the help.