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  1. anyone ever buy event tickets off of this ebay owned site? just curious. is your ebay id good for this site too? anyone ever get scammed?
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    I've sold on it and haven't had any problems.

  3. I've bought tickets for Ohio State basketball a dozen times from stubhub and everything's been great. Customer service is awesome.

    Don't know about the ebay id.
  4. I have two sides. I buy tickets to Reds games all the time on ebay and have never had a problem or a bad seat.

    I bought Sea World Orlando tickets last year for my family on ebay. When we tried to go in we set off the lights on the turnstyles, in which we were promptly greeted and escorted to the Sea World security office by Orlando police. They told me that the tickets I was using were bought using a stolen credit card. We were then introduced to an FBI agent because apparently interstate credit card fraud is government time. We ( my wife, brother in law, and 12 year old daughter) were questioned for about an hour on all aspects of life, and after granting them complete access to my ebay account as well as my email account were they satisfied that I was not involved in this, but was a victim. They granted us access to the park after a brief lecture on buying tickets from anyone other then Sea World.

    It was a scary hour. We got our money back through paypal, so we got to go to the park for free in a way but it was hardly worth the hassle.

    These were not from stubhub, they were from ebay.

    As for stubhub, you should not have any problems as they are a licensed ticket seller with a reputation to maintain. I would buy from them without doubt.

    Good Luck
  5. For my Son

    For my Son Fish to enjoy time with my boy.

    Stubhub is one of the companies that offers my company a corporate discount.(its 7% not great but who am i to complain)
    I have bought tickets to lots of things with no issues at all. I would highly recommend.
  6. I was going to buy tickets on there for last saturdays indians game but wasnt sure of its legit-ness, lol. I had no idea ebay owned it. I ended up paying the same price for about the same tickets on ebay. I may have to check it out for some tickets next month.