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Stripers / Wipers in West Branch

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Legendary Lures, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Not a fish report, but a question: What is the current population of wipers and / or stripers in West Branch? I used to see hugh schools of wipers pushing baitfish to the surface in the dam bay at this time of year. Spent the day in that area last Saturday and didn't see hide nor scale of them.
  2. Are you sure they were wipers and not white bass?

  3. Thought they were wipers. They had distinct black stripes, a few of the lower stripes were broken. Largest one I caught was 6.5 pounds.

    In either case, I didn't see any schooling fish in ther dam area all afternoon or evening.

    About 10 years ago, I arrived back at the East Ramp at the same time as another boat. Those fellows had a pair of 38" Striped Bass. No doubt what they were. My understanding is that true Striped Bass can live in fresh water, but will not reproduce. If that is true, then the state would have to stock them. Anyone know if the state has replenished any of these fish?

    Anyway, I ask again, anyone know the current population of wipers / stripers / white bass in West Branch?
  4. jack kiser

    jack kiser

    Very few left,and fewer all the time...
    Genuine stripers were indeed stocked by the state in West Branch some years ago(now quite a few years ago-15 at least)as part of a program to get more people fishing the lake, then considered largely a pleasure boat mecca.The experiment was later regarded as a major failure, in that the stripers were blamed for the eventual poor counts of other, more popular species.
    Keith McKee at West Branch Bait & Tackle (330-297-0791)remains a good authority on recent WB history and I'm sure can help you with more info about what is now generally regarded by the state as a misadventure, at best.