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    I've been making the trip to cumberland pulling planner boards with alewives for stripers but it's a long drive I've heard I can catch them in the ohio below the dams which for me would be Markland or Meldahl. I've tried several times below markland pulling large shiners under my planner boards with no luck. Caught some nice cats though. Can anyone steer me in the right direction. thanks Jays
  2. they make a mock spawning run in some of the tribs early in the spring, and they follow the skippies into the tribs in the fall. very few and far between i only catch a few a year. they do occasionally catch trues below meldahl and i have seen one small fish at aberdeen. i have seen alot of juvies down below louisville. if you just want the trues your alot better off down in the cumberland. the true's make up a tiny proportion of the population in the ohio stretch of the big o. they can be taken at key times march-early may and again in sept-oct, those are the two times i see the most of them but i did catch one in the middle of summer this year. if you try on the ohio agian forget shiners or shad, get some skippies and pull them around large points, creek mouths, and maybe below meldahl, they key on the skipjack bigtime.

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