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  1. Might be heading to Norris around mid March or so looking to do some striper fishing. Anyone have any suggestions on charters?

    Thanks guys
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    i'm going about the same time so any info anybody has on lures and any other info would be appreciated i have my own boat.

  3. Anyone???

    I would also like any imput on Cumberland also. Thanks
  4. Contact Ezzell Cox in Tazewell, TN.
    He's one of the best guides/striper guys on Norris, (TN for that matter) he's pretty busy right now with other responsibilities, but he can point you in the right direction.
    I understand he's the acting mayor of Tazewell, do a google search you should be able to contact him easily.
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    I have fished cumberland a lot. Striper fishing is tackle intensive, so my advice would be start with a guide. I would recommend Captain Jim Dunam. He also has several good DVD's about it. I think his website is striper fun. Live bait fishing has always worked better for me, but as far as lures I would use a bucktail (white 1/2-3/4 oz) or a Rapala Sliver if I had to choose.