striper experience?

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  1. Headed to Smith Mountain Lake (VA) on a family vacation next week. Hope to get a little fishing in. I have never caught a striper, and this lake is known as a decent fishery for them. It is a mountain lake, with very deep areas around the dam (100 Ft+). Any suggestions from someone with striper experience would be appreciated.

    Locating the fish?


    We are prepared to troll open water, and have a few differnent spoons and swimbaits.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. never been to smith mtn lake but i would try half to 1 ounce white bucktail jigs with a white or chartruce trailor.umbrella rigs also are another option.not sure what water temp is there but the stripers may be up creek channels or on main lake points.troll your baits behind your boats 70 to120 ft behind your with cooler water fish will vary in depth .i wish i could help more.

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    Try topwaters early in the AM and in the evening. Some favorites in that area are Basspro XPS series Z-pops, and Slim Dogs, also Cordell Redfins. During the day, try the bucktails or live bait. Local shad or herring work well, either weighted or free swimming (they will try to swim to the bottom). The problem with the live bait is keeping them alive. You need a large bait well, preferably round, and a good aerator.
    Good luck. We'll be at Lake Anna VA in July for stripers, they're a lot of fun.

  4. A couple of friends of mine fished Smith Mountain Lake last week. They took their own boat but since neither had fished for stripers they booked a charter (The Shad Taxi). Their advice was to troll the umbrella rigs in near the dam in 25 to 30 ft of water above submerged trees. The umbrella rigs can be purchased at local shops and include some sort of artificial shad lures. They also recommended using live shad on a hook and sinker rig with a slip bobber. Even though they did not try it, they were told fish could also be caught at night on the lake. Here is a link that might be helpful.
  5. thanks for the replies! Sounds like a good guide service. Not a lot of info on the site, but some basic stuff to get us started. Worst thing now is paying for the gas to get there.
  6. Great advice from all, thanks again.

    Back from SML last week. We certainly didnt kill them, and no big fish, but it was a great experience. Biggest caught was about 6-7lbs. Man they are powerful fish! Had a blast. Was with Luke (Beer30) and our families.

    Got into a few one morning and Luke had a big one dive into the trees and break him off. Got to speak with the SHADTAXI. Great guy. He was very helpful, and knows his stuff. He was booked up for the week, but gave us solid advice on where to head. He owns/operates a tackle shop too, stop in if you are down this way.

    The alewives were spawning while we were there. H2O temps at the surface were 70-72 deg. The alewives would come up shallow off of rip rap points and become VERY active on the surface after dark. Shortly after, the predators would start chasing them and attacking. It was amazing. Despite little sleep, I was wired, we could hear the activity all around us. When the first fish blew up on one of our baits, it was intense. Fish exploding on the surface all around us. THe most frustrating part was all of the baitfish made it hard to connect. Furthermore, the stripers would attack a bait, nail it to stun it before hitting it again. We missed way more fish than we hooked. Then lost a bunch before getting them in. It was still a great time. Caught a 5.5 lb LM and a solid SM too. Took a few pics.

    We hope to try it again in the future, it was a blast. Next time we may book with the shadtaxi. He has a 40lb+ replica in his shop and told of a recent time having all 16 (YES 16) rods hooked up at the same time trolling slowly with live bait through a school. He said they landed 12. It had to be a mad house. 4 fisherman and the guide on board.

  7. Im glad u had a good time.Ive been hooked on stripers for over me there is no better fighting inland freshwater fish to catch.try tailrace fishing some time,its a blast
  8. Nice trip, the LM and SM almost put the stripers to shame! ;)
    I'd love to get into a school of busting bait like that at night, there's got to be a way to get them to bite and hang on!
  9. I threw the kitchen sink at them. The recommended lure was a storm thunderstick- jointed-shallow diver. It has a loud rattle and we would reel it real slow and you could hear the rattle 30 ft. from the boat as it was retrieved. Big blow ups on this bait by the boat on several occasions, WOW! Caught several on it as well.

    We tried spoons worked on the surface slow, and sub surface, other cranks, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits (several missed fish on these too!), chatterbaits (caught 1, missed a couple), zara spook, ragetail shad, etc... A storm swimbait accounted for a few fish during the daytime. They troll those on umbrella rigs during the day across points with some success.

    BTW- We could see several 3-5lb. LM on nests. The water was very clear. Didnt fish for them much, didnt have alot of time during the day due to the family end of things.