Striped Bass

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    I did a search on striped bass in Ohio and discovered that they are apparently stocked in Senecaville Lake. Other info provided states that this is the only place they are stocked in Ohio. In addition, they only grow to 5 pounds max in Ohio. Is this accurate? Has anyone here ever caught striped bass in numbers here? Anything over 5 lbs? I'd love to go there and fish for some stripers but it'll likely be in the distant future. Just want to satisfy my curiosity.
  2. I have part of a 30 pounder in my freezer from Semeca. :)

  3. i have never seen it for myself but i have heard reports on 20+ strippers there and very good numbers of smaller ones being takin out of the lake
  4. About 3 yrs ago we used to take them around the Dam area early in the Spring on chrome jerkbaits. Later we got them in the evenings in the same areas using Zara Spooks just before dark. Sometimes they would be up schooling late in the evenings. Biggest I ever got was one around 23lbs. I think they still stock them because you can be there Saugeye fishing and get what you think is a White bass but it is really a Stripper. The only way I could tell the difference was the Strippers were longer and more slender than the whites.Every once in a while you will still hear of a big one being caught there. I guess fisherman used to float live bluegills around as bait for them too.
  5. my personal biggest is 18 inches, but i've never targeted them. know a lot of people and seen a lot of pics of 20+lb stripers. probly seen over a hundred floaters over the years that woulda been between 20-30 lbs. last year i seen quite a few people usin live minnies/crick chubs and driftin between the small island and the yacht club just by the dam.