Strike King soft plastics

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  1. I was at Wal-Mart near the Tuttle Crossing mall last night. They have the Strike King 3X soft plastics in their close out section for $1.25 a bag. Large variety and plenty of them. The close out section is about 2 ailes over from the fishing section.
  2. yeah everywhere seems to gettin rid of the cyberflex baits. Gander mountain in hilliard has the terminator snapback blastics for a dollar a pack.

  3. I tried them and didn't like them at all. THe texture was different and there were a problem if you threw it on bank. It would get hung up and simply stretch. I'll keep using the Zoom and pay $2 a bag. It's money well spent to catch some hawgs on them!
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    I only use them for carolina rigging because they float. They stick together to much to mess with for anything else. If they find a way to get rid of the sticky I'd use them for everything.
  5. I prefer ZOOM worms too. So do the fish!!!!

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