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  1. I'm going to line my spinning reels spare spool with superline but I'm not sure which. Spiderwire invisi-braid looks good for the ultra-ultra clear shallow river I normally fish but the Microfusion is supposed to work better on spinning gear.
    Can anyone advise?
  2. I got some invisi-braid to try for ice fishing this year and I was disappointed with the "invisi" part. Remained fairly whitish in the water and seemed pretty visible to me.

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    I've got invisi-braid also - NOT clear. More white than anything else. It is strong and holds knots, just not clear. I got a spool of the cam color and I like that better. You won't find a clear braid...yet.

    Which ever you use - use a mono backing or use tape on the spool.
  4. I use spiderwire and fireline. Both work well. I use the moss green in spiderwire and have never had a problem with it on a spinning or bait cast reel, and have never had a problem with it being seen in the water. Same for fireline. I use the smoke color and the clear one.
  5. I haven't used the Microfusion but the Stren Superbraid was great stuff. Pete Maina uses the Spiderwire Invisabraid so I would guess it to be good stuff but I have never used it. I use 14/4 Superbraid on my eye jigging rod with a fluoro leader. Works great. When I started muskie fishing a couple years ago I used Powerpro. It seemed everyone did. I'm re-spooling this year with 65# Hi Vis Gold Superbraid. Bought two 300 yd spools for $40 on ebay.
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    I like the Spiderwire Ultracast in Moss Green. The Invisbraid stuff is highly visible if you ask me and I think that is mostly a marketing gimick type thing. The Ultracast is great though. Stealth aint bad either.
  7. Thanks for the help. I've decided to go with SW Stealth in the moss green. It's price is better and I think it would be less visible in the GMR.
  8. I gotta ask, Jim, ............why are you worried about line visibility in the GMR?
    I'd be more concerned with abrasion resistance.
  9. i have never had problems with stren. i have used basic stren for everything for years
  10. He's talking about Stren Microfusion Braid not mono.
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    Personally, I like the Powerpro braid - moss green. I like to jig heavy cover in the GMR and I don't think the fish mind the line color in the "junk". If you're fishing shallow, clear water I think you would be better off sticking with mono (if you're worried about line visibility). I agree with what's been said - I don't care what kind you use, braid is going to stand out pretty well.
  12. Spiderwire Stealth is by far the best I've used so far. For spinning gear I would first spool a few yards of 10 or 12lb Mono, then tie in the Spiderwire to that and finish the spool up. I always back my reels if I'm using braid, help prevent slipping. I also have found the "invisible" braids to be somewhat disapointing but I've not hadany problems using braid unless I'm in gin clear water like main Lake Erie. Hope this helps.
  13. power pro!!!
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