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  1. I listen to streaming audio (internet radio) on winamp while I'm working and I think it's great. Recently during a team meeting my manager voiced concerns that the company has regarding people who use streaming audio. The problem is that we don't have enough bandwidth and some is being used by people who stream audio. I work for a software developement firm so we are all geeks here and we all stream audio while working. It helps with focus and stress. I've never heard of a company complaining about people using too much bandwidth. Has anyone else had a problem with this? Just curious
  2. Yep,
    We also are no longer allowed streaming at work, nor are we allowed to watch video at work. It was slowing our business system down quite a bit. It is a lot better now, so I can't complain.

    I just listen to the regular radio or cds until I get an MP3 player. Then that will be the choice.

  3. Had the same problem where I work.
  4. I'm thinkin about gettin an XM radio but I'm not sure how well it'll connect inside the building. It sux that it's happening to other people too but at least I'm not the only one. Thanks for the responses.
  5. It will work if you are close to a south-facing window or near a repeater. There is a terrestrial repeater in Columbus, but don't know exactly where. I imagine that it's downtown.

    Most IT firms that I have worked with/for disallow streamed audio and video due to bandwidth requirements.
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    Most companies frown upon streaming audio or video. Unlike your home ISPs, most businesses usually have to pay to have a large pipe, then are charged different tiers for monthly usage based on actual use.