Stream Fishing tubes?

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  1. For those of you that do alot of river fishing for smallies. How do you use your tubes in the fast current? do you texas rig them? I was wanting to give it a try and see if i could catch some bigger river smallies but not real sure how to do it. any help would be great.
  2. I just started using tubes last year but what worked best for me was using a tube jig head and dropping right at the edge of current breaks and letting it bounce along the bottom. In deeper holes with less current I just let it sink to the bottom and bounce in along like a crawdad would be hopping backwards along the bottom of the creek. Give it a few quick jerks to bring it up off the bottom and then let sink back down, if you dont feel hit the bottom after a second or two set the hook! They like to hit it when its falling back to the bottom and you wont always feel them hit. There are probably some people on here that have been using them longer and can tell you a little more than i can but I hope this helps some.

  3. Moe,I use a 2.75 in. tube with a 1/16 oz round head jig that has a light wire hook. that way if you do get hung up you can usually get your tube back without breaking off. I fish them pretty much the way Twistertail does.
  4. Hey DC, how do you use a regular roundhead jig? Do you push the jig head inside the back of tube and then push the eye through the front of the tube and tie it to your line like you would with a tube jig or do you thread the jig through the front of the tube like you would put on a twistertail and leave the whole head of the jig sticking out? I have only used tube hooks before but if I can use a regular round jighead that would be great, my dad and I pour our own jigs and it only cost a few pennies to make one.
  5. so both of you use a exposed hook? do you fish it in the fast current? I think i will have to give it a try.
  6. Yes i leave the hook exposed as much as possible. It will hand up sometimes but like DC said use a light wire hook and you can usually pull it out. I know when you rig up a worm or tube weedless with the hook in the plastic you have to really set the hook to get it to come out of the plastic and into the fish, with ultralight equipment i dont know if you could do that.
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    twistertail has a good point, its really tough to get a good hook through a texas rigged tube with a stiff rod let alone a ultralight. I only use a texas rigged tube when flipping heavy cover or weeds, I use an exposed hook when fishing rocks or open water.
  8. I go with a Texas rig most of time with a bullet sinker. I try to have the hook almost sticking through the top of the tube so that there is little plastic between the hook and the fish. I usually have pretty decent hook-up rates this way although I will lose some at times. I use this rig because I'm throwing it alongside trees and other wood cover and feel leary about having an exposed hook.
    I also use the wide-gap hooks so that I can have the gap needed to bring the hook along the top while letting it lay straight as possible!