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Strange Usernames on OGF

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bachelorfishman, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. Whats up with the gross names on here? Almost everytime I check posts, I see new members with gross names. Anyone got a clue?
    Karl Robbins
  2. I sent you a PM. Hope that clears it up.

  3. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    "My Boat Takes Leaks Too" I'm surprised you'd find anything gross after that quote. :confused:
  4. ReRobb

    ReRobb master baiter

    well, I know how to hook a worm. lol
  5. Have not notice them. I guess that I am not on here enough.
  6. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    gross? never met a fisherman/woman who found much gross. just thinking about the slime on a carp trumps the hell out of ANY username
  7. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    i was curious about hetfieldinn. what does it mean??
  8. If the "Boat taking leaks" is offensive, than I shall change it, no problem at all. I will simply state for the record not as an antagonistic statement, that I saw it as light hearted, un gross to the fishing community humor, that is FAR from the lengths of these names I saw. If I have offended anyone, I offer my profound apologies. I find the boat leak comment, less offensive than one name, which I will roughly quote " Grandma is going to have your father get you and set you straight if its the last thing they do". If anyone sees this as offensive or whatever, please Private Email me on OGF and I will edit the posts or take it away.

    And also,
    To this:
    1, The slime of a carp is simply that, carp slime. The person making these names would find other gross things to call carp slime. Draw your own conclusions. Sorry if this offends. But, I would hate to see a website this great have problems because of some idiot, with no head, let alone a brain!

    2. little king...are you saying that fishermen/ women are gross people? If we don't find much gross, then we obviously have no morals. And I enjoy a dirty filthy joke in good taste. But on OGF is NO PLACE for dirty jokes of that kind. And besides, its a fishing website, not a website to make names like "Grandma is going to get you" "(male name) eats excrement"


    Sorry for any inconvenience, and may the Dear Lord have mercy on the idiot who is doing these names, as they will not end up in Heaven I fear... Unless there is some devine intervention, or as is in the website, "Moderation".

    Also, I would like to thank the moderators and owners who so promptly remove the garbage before many people would see it. Perhaps if the person responsible reads this, they will consider knocking it off.

    I apologize once more if I offended anyone with this post. Like I had stated, please inform me if it offends you, and I will remove it, no questions asked.

    God Bless,
    Karl G. Robbins
  9. well put.. your right it has no place a fishing board
  10. and may the Dear Lord have mercy on the idiot who is doing these names, as they will not end up in Heaven I fear.

    give me a break...lets leave who goes to heven and who goes to hell to a higher power
  11. This thread has to be a joke.

    If it offends you...WHO CARES. If it offends the mods/owners they will take care of it.
  12. Lewis



    and may the Dear Lord have mercy on the idiot who is doing these names, as they will no longer have internet service! :D :D :D
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