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    Allright I need some help on this one! Let me start by saying I'm not a UFO believer, and I hadn't tipped too many, but my wife and I saw something strange Saturday night. We were setting on our boat in the marina on Catawba Island about 9:30 pm when we saw 3 small orange lights off in the distance. They were flying north to south fairly slowly, then slowly changed directions to the northwest and gained altitude until they disappeared. This took about 2 minutes from when we first spotted them until they disappeared. It was at about the same time as fireworks were beginning in various locations, so I'm not sure if it had anything to do with fireworks displays or not. Does anybody have any ideas what this was?
  2. UFO's............

  3. seethe303

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    technically it was a UFO
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    No doubt aliens from a distant doubt.
  5. Those would be the new boomerang balls from Titleist. They are actually a pretty cool deal. We were on Put in Bay on Saturday Night when my buddy pulled 3 from his pocket. He tossed them on the ground and without even teeing them up, he whacked all 3 with his new Sky Flyer driver from Orbit Athletics. Let me tell you, those suckers took off like a rocket and headed South for about a mile before they topped out and made their descent back to the Bay. Thanks to the new orange glow crush color which made for exceptional sight, and easy retrieval. I bet we fooled a lot of folks into thinking there were UFO's flying about. So, I hope this explains what you saw.
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    the man asked a honest question, no need to make fun of him..I think it is interesting.


    i would say it has to be aliens too
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    Just kiddin' around. I've seen things that I couldn't explain.
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    I've seen that over the lake before too. I got no clue what it is.:confused:
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    Sounds like a black crappie to me.
  12. PatSea is trying to be serious here. Ha !
    I always said if I saw a UFO I would never tell anyone.
    Unless I was abducted and then I would only tell the National Inquirer, or maybe the Globe, for sure only a respectable tabloid.
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    I've seen a UFO before, and I am absolutely sure of it.

    Remember folks, UFO != Alien.

    If you see something in the sky that you cannot identify, it is a UFO. The original poster did see a UFO.
  14. UFO only means "Unidentified Flying Object" , In other words you havent identified it so you dont know what it is. It would depend on whether it could be a small airplane or helicopter, etc. If it didnt look like it could be one of those then who knows ? Look up UFOs on youtube and there are some videos of unknown lights over one of the great lakes, with comments at the bottom talking about them being seen over other lakes too.
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    I have heard stories of strange lights over Lake Erie before. I have never seen any but have seen a few strange things in the sky other places. Were you and your wife the only ones that saw them? Get any pictures?
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    To be honost, I saw the same thing along the banks of the Lower Scioto back in 2005. My buddy and I saw it, and seldom talk about it just to not sound crazy.
  17. From what Ive read , we all see ufo's all the time but we have learned subconciously over the years to ignore things we dont understand or that we dont take an immediate interest in. If you were outside busy with something else and a strange object flew across the sky normally you would automatically dismiss it as a bird or airplane without even giving it a closer look and just go about your business. Actually, I think I seen that on a television show when they were talking about these flying "rods" that get captured on video now and then. It does make sense. But I think when someone actually sees something unidentified it is the exception to the rule. If you found a way to see things more like an animal would and you were able to give full attention and focus on everything that moves around you it would probably scare you that there are so many weird things going on. :)
  18. This always happens around the 4th of July. All that it is is a oriental lantern. They float and glow weird colors sometimes there are hundreds of them when people let them off. Actually if anyone went to Buckeye lakes fireworks they let some of there own off. Some people actually call them a UFOballoon. But I know of a lot of people who let them off because they "free you of false spirits"

    From far away these things are kind of freaky. But if you really know what they are then there kinda cool. Every "UFO" has a story.
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