strange bug bites

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by truck, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Been getting strange bites this year,just found out they are pyemotes herfsi.They live on oak trees and are spread by the wind blowing.Kinda look like spider or chigger bites, hurt like he!! and icth like crazy!Anybody else been having this problem ?
  2. That sounds like what I've been getting !!! Thought maybe a small spider or something was responsible. Happens every time I'm either in the woods or right back in front of it & it's almost all oak trees.
    Anything you can do to prevent or treat them ......... it's feels & looks like one large poisen ivy blister?

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    Wow..... amazing Truck. You finally answered what the heck I came down with about a month ago. They got me good on the side of my arm, it didn't look like poison ivy and I really just assumed it was chiggers. Pin head sized blisters and an itch that couldn't be put to rest. Eventually I scratched them all way... probably took a solid 2-3 weeks before they disappeared. I don't see anywhere in the article for how long they persist on their host... anyone had similar experiances as me?
  4. I thought I had spiders in my camper this weekend and set off bug bombs when I
    never seen any spiders but the 4 bites on my shoulder looked like spider
  5. Funny I keep hearing more & more about ppl with the same thing !Dang mites:(
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    Fishman Catch bait???

    I work outside a lot, in woods/weedy areas and work a lot on the north side no doubt in my mind this is what I had, hadn't heard of anyone with it nor did I hear see the special on TV. Funny thing was, was telling my co-workers I found out what I had and they all exclaimed "yeah heard that on the news." haha thought they deserved an answer since weeks ago they kept giving me disgusting looks and asking "what's wrong with your arm?!" :D
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    My boy and I have been getting eaten alive! I told him it was just chiggers and would clear Glad to finally find out what it is. Thanks, BC
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    I had them too. I got horrible bites all over my ankles when fishing GMR.
  9. I have been bitten or what not as well....thought all along it was small spots of poison ivy....was kind of wonderign why I had some on my legs, neck, and arms....not just one certain spot.........ITCH ITCH ITCH