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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Lewzer, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Lewzer

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    How is everyone doing? We kept power in west Barberton but Portage Lakes and East Barberton and Norton are still out of power.
    I drove up to Brecksville for work this morning and power was out. No message on the emergency line.
    That's one bad thing about VOIP phones. Lose power and they are worthless.
    I hear Cincinnati, Columbus got it bad.
    Talked to a few people from Cleveland area in the parking lot. No power in Mayfield Heights and Mentor. Can't get through to a coworker's cell in Sagamore Hills. The call cannot be completed as dialed.
    Man I feel for the people in Texas. We has 20-30 mph winds last night. Cannot imagine 100-120 mph winds.
  2. Northern Summit County, limbs down, limited powerloss, my neighbor lost a huge tree, but everyone was okay. We live under a massive canopy and surrounded by 70 foot pines. We were just getting ready to head out when it seemed to calm down about 9:00 p.m. Bigtime cleanup. glad I bought a chipper off ebay, lol

  3. Toxic

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    We lost power in Niles (Trumbull County) for about 2 hours. Came back on just in time for the game. This morning we have a lot of schools closed due to no electricity or because of downed trees. I was watching the NOAA weather station in Conneaut and around 9pm they had 49.9mph gust.
  4. Yeah, Columbus was hammered. We lost power around 4:00 yesterday in Grandveiw and it is still out. Trees down everywhere, most schools are closed today. AEP is saying it could be 7 days until all power is restored. Unfortunatley the power here at work is up and running great! Figures! The news last night said Columbus registered 75 mile an hour gusts. I had to watch the game last on a 3" handheld last night as all the bars close by also were without power. Not that the outcome was any big surprise.
  5. Lundy

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    Big winds in the Grove City area.

    We lost 4 trees and some trim on the house. Unfortunately 2 of the trees were big oaks. My neighbor last 3 oaks also.

  6. Power went out about 6pm 9/14 in Kirtland, was still out when I called home about 12pm 9/15:( :mad:
  7. wow... teh only that happen here was a fench came down and a cooler took off a few doors down....

    I had to resquedule a few things today for home inspections due to power being out in the Bedford, Oh Area.. so hopefully everyone gets power ASAP.. and Every one is ok...