Storing my boat in a barn

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  1. What should i use to keep mice out of my boat. im storing it in a barn for the first time.
  2. sauguy

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    i use moth balls, seems to work.

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    i have always heard about mice in a boat, but how could they get in there? the trailer it self would be too slick for them to climb up and the same with the outside hull finish?
  4. sauguy

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    i have stacks of lumber and roofing material also stored in my pole barn. i watched a mouse jump out of the boat onto the pile as i pulled the boat out of the barn. mice are good jumpers.
  5. mice can ,find a way , mine is in a barn , I open all the compartments .lets them air out . wash decks good , put bounce fabric cloths in and around ,diff area;s .I also puts drops of peppermint oil all around inside , [mice don't like it ]; now put a couple terry cloth rags on the floor .[if you get mice they;ll use the rags to build a nest instead of your wiring/seats] after this you could still ge mice ,just a nature thing.
  6. The mice used the bounce sheets I put around for nest building last year.:eek:

    I am going to try mothballs this year. Freyed, I did not think they could get in either but they do.:mad:
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    i have never seen any evidence in my boat and i keep it outside under a porta roof?
  8. I have had some years with no signs of the critters. I think the area "pet" cats have alot to do with controlling the population around my house.
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    we get them in the house this time of year (trapped 7 ) so far and i can't figure out how they are getting in here either?
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    Ive seen mice squeeze through under doors with about an 1/8th in clearance, thats amazaing to watch.......your thinking "your about to get stuck mouse and then boom across the floor he goes!

    Also, holes for wires and stuff like that can let them in;
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    just drop in a cat and a 25lb bag of food, then shrinkwrap! :)

    Just kidding..
  12. Timing is key. I used to have problems with mice nesting in the boat until I started baiting the barn with D-con in Sep/Oct rather than waiting till I put the boat away for good. Mice usually gain a winter foothold by the end of Nov.

    (Please do not use D-con if pets can come in contact)
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    i could swear i seen one squeeze thru the patio doors when closed one day. i could not believe my eyes.
  14. Orlando

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    Mothballs works,
  15. YES THEY DO JUMP & Amazing to watch.

    Here is what I do. Never had a problem (gulp).

    1# I slip in a moth ball or 3 in every dishcharge hole (aretor, drain, etc.) tape up the hole with at least 2 layers of duck-tape.

    2# Buy up 2 Bx's of D-con Block's to spread under the boat. Keep em' replenished as the winter goes on.

    3# Commercial feed ( xxPOISONxx GOODIES) from a Lawn & Garden Supply house, to give them a gourmet taste for A VARIETY.

    4# SPREAD APROX:, 2 Bxs. of Moth Balls all inside the boat, in rod storage cabinets, all corners, bins, battery case's, just aout every conceivable spot.

    5# Eatable goodies inside also. XXXXXXXXPIOSONXXXXXXXXX 2 different brands.

    6# All cushions & seats are in my basement for storage & have all winter to tinker with them, clean 'em all up & treat with 303 Aerospace stuff.

    I spent a total of $ 15.00 for all this, & it's money well spent. In the spring it takes only 10min., to clean-up, & the moth ball smell will be gone in a matter of hours. A small price to pay, when you consider trying to find a small nik or chewed plastic on a wire way up under the dash that will take you 6hrs. to find.

    I consider myself an 'ANAL BOAT PERSON' which means I take GREAT PRIDE in the ownership of one of the great pleasures it brings me.

  16. I'm always concerned about using poison too. I lost a great beagle that way. He caught a mouse that had eaten poison. The local feed store has a new rodent poison that is nontoxic to pets. I was looking at it and the guy at the store told me he uses instant mashed potatoes in his barn at home. I thought he was joking! He says it works.... put a few out with a water supply. I guess they can't digest the potatoes, and when they hit the water, it kills them.
  17. An idea on how a mouse gets aboard your boat.... are your trailer safety chains touching the ground? Then it's up the tie downs and in they go! I know you're supposed to release the pressure on the tie downs in the winter too. Are they hanging? They can climb them! Big ships have rat guards on their mooring chains to keep critters from using them. Just a thought.


  18. Quick (instant) Grits have been said to do the same thing???? Don't know first hand but if anyone does have first hand knowledge, let us know, we need all the help we can get to keep those cute little rascals in CHECK.
  19. Don't know about the not digesting the instant potatoes thing but I do know they love to eat them. I've had a few mice in the house this year and they literally chewed all the way around the plastic lid to get to the taters!! As far as mice getting into small spaces, a mouse only needs to be able to fit its head through the opening. If the head will fit, they can squeeze their body small enough to follow. Very odd but interesting to watch! I have actually seen one on top of my aquarium. 10 gallon glass aquarium sitting on a chrome base glass top table with all round legs. Can only figure it climbed the cord leading up to the heater!
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    bud's marine at injun lake told me to use--get this--original irish spring bar soap to repel rodents all winter long(apparently they don't like the smell)--when i stored my boat in the barns at auglaize county faigrounds i didn't find any evidence of anything over-wintering inside my boat--it works for me