Stop Firearm House Bill 354,

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  2. This bill is so asinine it is unbelievable. What these politicians are thinking about when they conjure up these laws is the inner city kids or even elsewhere that go and commit crimes with guns. This law will do nothing to address that issue whatsoever. Once again it is a proposal of a law that totally addresses the wrong people. Thanks for bringing this one to our attention. As you suggested I think everyone who opposes it should contact their representatives. Additionally I am wondering if something written up and endorsed by the OGF itself could be presented. i.e. Strength in numbers.

  3. An 18 yr old (17 even in some cases) can join the military and go off to war but when he gets back he can't go deer hunting unless his mommy or daddy supervises him ? :confused:
  4. I am all for drafting a letter in opposition on behalf of the membership of OGF.

    The bill is a bad idea and doesn't address the problems the authors are targeting in the least.
  5. In the minds of these people, guns kill people. They always forget that someone has to be pulling the trigger. Removing guns or limiting rights to gun ownership can not be allowed. The Constitution is very clear on our right to bear arms. Maybe we should mail copies to our representatives in all levels of government. They seem to forget the words from time to time.
  6. The craziest thing about this is that the ones who may use the guns to commit a crime are not going to care what the the law states. So if the law is passed they are totally unaffected.:mad:
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    I'm not on either side of this debate, but I do like to play devil's advocate, so I'd like to point out:
    To amend sections 2151.022, 2152.02, and 2923.19 and to enact section 2923.212 of the Revised Code to prohibit any person under twenty-one years of age from possessing a firearm, subject to specified exceptions for lawful hunting, sporting, or educational purposes and for law enforcement officers;
    I imagine military would be rolled into that. It later states the above exceptions should be "supervised or controlled" by an adult, which is probably purposely vague, and may not mean that an adult always needs to be present.(didn't look too deep).
    I imagine one of the main goals of this bill is to close loopholes and help with the prosecution of individuals who are caught with guns that shouldn't have them.
    just my 2 cents, which doesn't buy much around here.
  8. After reading this bill I agree it's a bad idea and should be voted down for the reasons given.

    However, I don't agree that the owners of this site should ever use OGF membership numbers as leverage in such matters without first contacting each and every member for a response -- no matter how passionate you are! DALEM tried this a few years back with the ODNR funding issue and it pissed off a lot of members who happened to fall on the other side of the issue.
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    As owners of this great site, I think they have the right to do pretty much whatever they want. I may not agree w/ everything the owners say, do or think, but I think it's their right to do what they want to do, since they own the site.
  10. Exactly! With that said, how about a online petition, so whoever wants to sign it can.
  11. I'll sign!

    Get me a paper petition and I will put it in our store for everyone to sign.
  12. Of course they have a perfect right to do so. What I said was I don't agree with it.

    Back before there was an internet, a club or organization would first establish who was for or against an issue such as this by a show of hands. Once a majority was established, the officers could then represent the will of the membership to outside interests. What I'm hearing you say is that you would rather OGF skip that part. Sorry, but I don't agree. Will it keep me up at night? No. It just makes me very uncomfortable how easy it is for some folks to give away something as precious as their vote.

    Asking 10,000 "virtual" members for a show of hands is impractical and nearly impossible. A good alternative is to start a petition, as Muskyman said.
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    what good could come from this??
    there's enough laws in place already! all this could do is hinder law abiding gun owners and keep young folks from enjoying hunting and shooting.
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    I'll sign it for sure!
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    get me a paper petition and you'll get my signature, plus about 150 others from my co-workers !!! - 90 % of us hunt and fish ( our company even lets us bow hunt in an undeveloped area across the road from the mill- we are probably the largest "collection" of" redneck" outdoorsmen in east central Ohio- I guess when you live within 20 of so miles of 5 mwcd lakes, and one of the top deer kill counties, it just comes natural... BTW, if those "inner city" kids were raised by a two parent family that instills BASIC family values, spends time with their kids, we wouldn't have this problem !!!! Kids- you get out of them, what YOU put into them !!!!

    'Rude Dog
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    sign my name to it too:)
  17. Whoa! Firstly let me say I agree with all that has been said here.
    What is so very, very sad is the fact that there are so many, many
    more actions of legislation that are just as STUPID. Put forth by
    all those that we elected. Secondly, many more have been passed
    or in-acted.
    Letting off steam here is O K, but take a minute to e-mail your
    congressman or representative your feelings and thoughts.
    If they get enough mail they tend to READ some of the legislation
    in front of them, before voting.:D

    Like the man said, my two cents worth.

    Capt Hook
  18. Just a thought. Are there any activist on our site that could
    provide these addresses ? Like

    congressman Pat Tiberi
  19. Carl: Please write the letter and set it up on the site for signaturea.