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  1. Any been up to stonelick is there still water there :confused:
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    I was ther last Saturday. The lake did not seem too low. There was nothing going over the dam, and the creek looked very low. I marked alot of fishin 8-10 FOW, but couldn't get them to bite. Good luck.

  3. no problem putting a boat in Stonlick, but catching fish is. Let me know how you do. I have never done any good at this lake. It looks like a great lake for fish, but must be fished out. Another thing I cant understand is DNR stocks trout in this lake. Why in the world would they stock trout in a lake that is only 10' deep is anyones guess. Seems to me they would stock with more desirable gamefish (bass) that would adapt to this lake a hell of a lot better than trout!
  4. I do better @ stonelick then i ever done @eastfork i am going out sat.i will let u know what up this winter i fished for trout on the back side of the spillway did go the lake was frozen when ever we go to the lake we always catch something
  5. went out this morning caught 3 ok size crappie and 1 gill.the lake is a little low but not bad
  6. They put the truot in in the spring and most all of them are fished out ove the next few months. The DNR isn'ttrying to establish a trout fishery. they call it a "put and take fishery" . By the way bass love trout. it gives them some extra meat too.
  7. makes sense to stock these fish for the kids. But while theyre at it, they should drop in a few bass. :)