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I fished at Stonelick Lake on Sunday from 3pm - 9pm and I had a great time. Got to try out all the new modifications to my pontoon: rod holders, anchor, storage, etc. It's nice to have some control over the wind with the anchor and the flippers help with movement while fishing. I love the rod holders, now I can take (5) different setups with me: Fly, Bait caster, Light Spinning, Heavy spinning and Slip bobber. I would recommend a pontoon boat to anyone that is thinking of getting a kayak or canoe for fishing.

I fishing a lot for bass but no takers. I used a crank bait to the shore as well as a spinner bait; the water was pretty muddy. Paddled over to the dam and I tried there in the rocks with a creature bait still no takers. Pulled out the fly rod with a sinking roach and finally caught my only fish of the day, a hand sized bluegill. I was so happy to get 'em. Bluegill are fun on bobbers, but they are much better on fly!

Does anyone know of good techniques to catch bass at Stonelick? You can reply or PM me.



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