Stonelick Lake Carping

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  1. I hit Stonelick for almost 7 hours today. The lake had been very unkind to me in the past, skunking me on my first two visits. I set up camp in a not-so-secret location (Ak knows where I am talking about). I threw out some sweet corn and started chummming little and often. The wind was keeping my chumming distance down. There wasn't any carp activity for the first 30 minutes that I was there. A half hour into my session, Carp start jumping on the other side of the lake. This is where 98% of the activity would end up being. They are anywhere from 100 to 150 yards away. Still, I stick to fishing the spot that I had chummed about 50 feet in front of me. After almost two hours of fishlessness, I decided to heave as close to the breaking fish as possible. About 10 minutes later I get my first Stonelick carp, about a 20 incher, on sweetcorn. Further attempts to catch another carp on the far side only produced a small channel cat. About mid-seesion, i get a screaming run on my close-up rod. Something had found my chum pile. The carp that I pulled out had to be the most round, fattest carp I had ever caught. The fish literally looked like it had swallowed a softball. It was only 17" in length, but probably wieghed over 3 lbs. The picture does not do it justice.

    What did I learn from this trip? I should have brought my distance outfit so that I could have used the method or a packbait to go after those far away carp. With the wind and the current, i'm sure that this would have increased the chance of drawing te carp to my bait.
  2. Here is the picture of the fatso carp.

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    hey..thats awesome maan.. glad it still produce some carp there.. :)
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    There are actually carp in there? :D