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Stonelick 12/17

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JIMS SVT, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Went to Stonelick todayto try for some trout.I caught my first one today.Well my first three.I tried some power nuggets on dead line but never got a bite.Then I tied on a white hair jig with a pink head tipped with a power bait maggot under a bobber 24''.This was above the dam.I got a bite but missed it.But did see it was a trout.Threw back in the same spot and got him.13'' long.I was happy to have got my first trout.Then I threw out another pole with corn nuggets on a dead line.Got another around 13''.Then took the jig maggot pole and went below the dam and as soon as it hit the water the bobber went down.It was a 10'' crappie.Fished there for a while with nothing else bitting.Went back above the dam.Getting ready to leave and got one more trout about 12''.I think I had a pretty good day today beeings it was cold out and that I had never fished for trout before. Jimmy
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    Nice going Jim !!!! I bet you were thrilled at that first one. I take it you will be cooking them up ??? THE CATKING !!! :)

  3. sounds like a fun day to me
  4. Catking...I was pretty excited about the first one.Yea cook them up. ;)

    I might head back tomorow to try them again.Ill put back this time if I get anymore.

    I wonder if they liked the white/pink jig or the maggot that was tipped on it?Ill tey just the maggot tomorow.And some more corn too.
  5. just make sure you don t handle them if your going to release them. they dont live long and try some rainbow and green and yellow swirl colored power baits