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Stolen Boat

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fishintiger, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. A guy on another website had posted this and I offered to post it here also.

    He said it appears that the rope was cut with a sharpe knife so please do not try to recover the boat yourself. Consider the people armed and dangerous. Contact the authorities if you see this boat. This boat belonged to his 13 year old son. He was crushed when he found out that his boat had been stolen. If you see this boat please contact the police and send me a PM so I can let him know that it has been found.
  2. It is most likley on a privet pond somewhere :mad:

  3. Thats what I figure but I told him I would get the word out over here since it is all of Ohio. I hope he gets his boat back but I wouldn't hold my breathe over it.
  4. the more stuff ihear like that. i hate people more. whatever happen to working hard, respecting people. i hope those jerks get theres. its sad
  5. Had my trailer license plate stolen there a couple years ago.
  6. I don't think it's just Findley , it's alot of the State Parks.
    I took my wife camping (tent) and we traveled down to the banks to jig fish for a few hours.
    Upon returning to the site person(s) had gone through the coolers and helped themselfs to the food and drinks.
    I figured they must have really been hungry. But the sad thing was they left all the trash scatered about and it wasn't till we turned in that I noticed they had taken a knife to the tent floor around the tent.

    I know that money with the State is suppose to be tight , but the lack of patrols sure has been a sore spot with me.
    Now when I arrive I walk to the neighbors and introduce myself and family members and tell them if they leave to let me know and I'd watch their things and they to would watch mine.

    Now any car that looks out of place I record their license number and turn it in.

    In the southern part of the state I even found young boys looking into cars and got on my cell phone to call the sheriff and waited. There were 7 boys in all and just one of me. They finally noticed me from the ridge and left in a van and I was lucky enough to get the license number. It was 4 hours later the authorities arrived.

    For me the way I love our park system I watch more than ever areas for strange persons and call it in.
    Many times when you go to the parks remember to not leave things in plain sight through the windows ,for it's a invation for theft.

    Well , I guess I rembled on enough about something close to my heart.

    Never be afraid to report something that looks out of place or persons. You shouldn't confront them for you never know , just try to get license number if you can. This way authorites have something to go on.

    Good Fishing
  7. Thanks for posting this Tiger - HI guys just registered here, i see im not the only one thats been hit by bandits in a state park,, in all my years, the only bandits to hit me were the racoons and chipmunks, - when stupid too drunk to fish friends leave the bread out of the cooler in the tent.- come back to find tent has new PET access door.
    this boat being taken has put a halt to the fishing.
    i asked son if he wants to go fishing he replies,,,"Got Boat?" i reply,.. "Got Bait !"
  8. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    You cant leave those bass hunter/tracker boats anywhere....
    If it can be carried consider it a hot item

    I have had 2 of them stolen.
  9. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I wonder who would win, a thief with a sharp knife, or me with my Kimber .45?

    I lock everything up, nowadays. Last year, my work van was broken into, and $4500 in tools taken.

    Last week, one of my rental properties that was vacant was broken into, and the thieves actually stole all of the copper plumbing.

    If anyone knows what in the hell this world is coming to, I'd appreciate it if you would let me know.
  10. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    CC me in on that memo too, please
  11. i think i figured it out,.....
    the matrix got crossed with twilight zone and GTA and the worlds gone through a morph of some kind and only some of us are still OK. the rest are out to cause us grief. Some new video game we are beta testing, i think they called it "Life in Hell"",...its the video arcade hit,. we somehow end up playing,. when were not fishing.
    Other than that the boat is still MIA, it somehow got deleted after our last save game, if this life event were a real video game i would just have curser redo the boat file image in our halodeck. till then i have good feeling with all of this online technology it will be found, too mant people know about it, word travels, we are only 3 people away from knowing everyone. and when the 3rd person finds out it belongs to a kid person 2 gets a bad vibe over him and returns the item or forever is cursed to not catch a damn thing everytime he goes fishing in the kids stolen boat. and his helper in the event keeps falling overboard because they over weigh its limits. if you see that happening somewhere call it Karma at work.
    you'll know right away why.
    with the twin hull design it was a great boat for on top the car , and in the water it was tricky with two skinny people in it let alone if the idiots weigh more than son and i plus gear, i put 50 bucks they tip it once, with a few of our cats caught we got towed - if i tried to just crank fight a fish we got pulled down lower in the water, that will be a bad event for two people who out weigh us on that little boat., now lets picture it with a gas engine and a tank and out on lake erie, its plastic, with a thin piece of tin over it for a rear transon motor mount, i put a 4.5 merc on this bantam 3x, it survived only because i never put much torque on it, one fast twist of the throttle, it would have ripped or flipped me sunk the rear, - i warn others do not try this with any bass tracker small boat, this test was done with professional test crew on board with more safety equipment on hand than the titanic.. i even had a instant 3person inflate rubber raft right under me at the ready, with ropes for recovery and wearing life jackets, oars, and was in constant conversation range with those on the pier, close enough to darn near walk on the water to the rocks of edgewater, but again i only weight 135, not many who weigh any more than that would have survived it safely, i hope the fools never take it to big lakes with an engine, with an electric motor it cruised great.
    i just noticed i darn near typed a novel, you can tell im going through withdraws of fishing,,nice meeting you guys, will check back soon, enjoy the typing i just put in, if you laughed, you're suffering also please find the fishing gear and get to the nearest body of water fast. its the only cure.
    Thanks Again Tiger for this post, i sent the full report info i used the contact us link of this site - so they can post it in the proper place for all to see. when i first logged in i had no post permissions yet, and didnt know where they would want that kind of thread.
    will gab at you folks again soon, OH 8250 BH -where ever you are you will not be forgotten.(i had to add that- it makes you want to go out and take pictures of your boat, we didnt have a camera handy for the short time we had this lil boat), (kicking self daily) i shall return.