Stocking up on gear for this Spring

Discussion in 'Muskie & Pike Discussions' started by Coot, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Coot

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    I'm accumulating some gear for this Spring a little at a time.

    What are your favorite baits ?


  2. I want to pick up a couple more old Penn reels. Bought a half dozen SSR14 and see and bought a couple SSR9(new). Look like good shallow water cranks. Throw real nice and seem to like a stop n go. Those 14 are to big too throw all day or night. Should be a killer trollin this year.

  3. esox62

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    tuffs are good for both. wht/silver spinnerbait{small}grim reaper..reef hawgs, blk/sil bucks, are a few good spring baits.
  4. Esox, I Couldn't agree more! Gotta love Tuff Shads, and anyone who has ever fished with me knows there's a spinnerbait nearby!
  5. Seems those Tuff Shads are getting hard to come by. Not being made anymore and some guy (steelpens) is buying most of them on ebay for about $40 a pop. I've managed to pick up a dozen new cranks and three 18" plastics this month. Hope Spring gets here before I'm broke.
  6. Madmac, I saw that on Ebay, some have went for $70.00! I have about 20 Tuffs. I won't sell, but I understand why some people do. I wish Chris H.(Tuff Shad maker) would sell some on Ebay, if anyone deserves it he does. Most lakes in Ohio use shad as forage. The Tuffs are made out of wood with wire thru comstuction, built to last! If you are interested, Chris is making a limited amount for a LOT cheaper than you will find anywhere else. PM if you want his contact info.
  7. Coot

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    I've been watching the Tuff Shad's on ebay for about a month now


    Out of my ball park
  8. MuskieJim

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    Unlike most Ohio muskie fisherman, I try to think outside the box in spring. Most guys throw smaller muskie baits or even large bass lures, whereas we still troll with 9 inch Grandmas, still being successful. Personally, I don't really like the Tuffs that much, however, many fisherman are successful with them. I also really like the 7 inch Wiley Headshakers. They're great trolling lures that have always put fish in my boat.

    As for casting, the new M&G Big Fin spinnerbait has so much vibration and flash it's nearly impossible for a muskie to miss it. I also throw lots of topwater and swimbaits, which are all somewhat similar in design and action. Regardless, if you feel confident using a lure, stick with it.
  9. crittergitter

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  10. [​IMG]

    This is a good trolling bait. Made by a guy in West Virgina. $13.00 + S&H
  11. esoxhunter

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    I have one of those in a carpie looking color. Can't remember who makes them, but it does look nice in the water
  12. That is a Tuff Shad I believe. Haven't seen that color before though.
  13. Not a Tuff, but looks very much like one. This bait has harder thump than a Tuff. If you pick up a weed on the troll you know it right away.

    It's a Thumper, made by Gene Richardson.
    He does this bait in about two dozen different colours.

    Go to Ranger Ricks for a look at some of Gene's colours.

    Go to this page, scroll down til you see Blue Pike. Mike gave me Gene's contact info a few days ago.

    The new musky candy