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  1. Much as I hate to admit it, it's that time again.

    If anyone has any great stocking stuffer ideas please feel free to toss them out there...

    Also, I have been eyeing tactical pens as stuffers for the kids (grown). Anyone have one that you like?
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  3. A cousin of mine loves walleye fishing on Erie and other lakes. His eyes would light up with some new HJ or P10s I bet.
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  4. Myself, if my wife got me a few more flicker shads in exclusive colors, a couple white rooster tails, I'd be happy
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  5. silver coins or silver bars
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    My boys used to tease me about eating Sardines when they were young. So a couple years ago I put a couple cans in their stockings that Santa (wife) made for them:)
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    Not big on sardines, but I do enjoy the kippered herring snacks as well as the tins of smoked oysters, clams or mussels. I like to drizzle a little mustard and sriracha over the herring and dig in. They're great to take along fishing or hunting as a snack.

    And lures are great! What fisherman can't use a few more lures?
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  8. A Buck Knife is nice to find in a stocking.
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  9. if they deer hunt by them the but-out removal tool,not only does it work but everyone will get a laugh when you read the directions out loud and change up some of the wording
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  10. Maybe some ice jigs since it's that time of year. You can often find eagle claw multi-jig packs in the stores or online. Some Swedish pimples, jigging raps or something can become a nice intro to ice fishing. Maybe it can talk your wife into letting you get a new shanty for you and the kids ;););)
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  11. Any lure worth having, should be owned in pairs! You can NEVER have too much fishing gear. My dear, old Wisconsin guide once said "The day we quit looking for the 'magic bait,' we can quit fishing."
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  12. Case XX knives.
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  13. Spin doctors!
    They fit perfectly.
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