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Stocking pond questions...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by itsbrad, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. I have a relative that lets me fish her pond and Im wondering about stocking it for further use, but I have a few questions.

    First off its 2 acres, lots of structure(logs,etc) So far she says there are LM bass, catfish, bluegill and crappie. Ive only fished it this year and all Ive caught were some LM(biggest being 3.6 lbs), a TON of bluegill, and one nice fat channel cat. No crappie so Im thinking there arent any. She doesnt treat the pond so its not too clear maybe 3 ft clarity.There are a couple of nice coves and a run off. The deepest part I know of is maybe 15-20ft deep. There is a lot of vegetation and "scum" which I hate, but Im sure the fish love.

    Ok to my questions. I have a patient that owns their own hatchery so Im going through her.

    What time of year is best for stocking purposes? Spring, Fall, or Summer?

    Would adding a grass carp help with the overpopulation of vegetation? Or would that hurt the pond in the long run?

    There are way to many sunfish in these waters. Literally thousands Id bet, most are in the 7-10in range although the biggest Ive caught was 12inches, so what is a good way to reduce those numbers?

    Would reintroducing(if there really are none) crappie be a good or bad idea?

    Basically Im looking to add to this pond for future enjoyment and wanting to grow some BIG fish for catching later on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. More good questions!
    as far as the crappies go, several of the pondsI fish are full of crappies but you would never know it if you fished the edges for bassand bluegills only or if you fished outside of spring. Crappies are schooling fish and often found in deep open water, I wouldnt stock any until your sure there are none existing. They take a special way to fish for them to find them, but once you do, I bet you get a bunch of em. Try minnows under a slip bober and fish out in 10-20 feet of water,or better yet fish from a pontoon/belly/john boat and vertical jig live minnows around that deep structure, youll find em...


  3. NewbreedFishing

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    If you do you'll surely be sorry!

    Contact 800-WILDLIFE and they will send you a pond mang. handbook for free.
  4. NewBreed, Im sure you are talking about White Crappies which will quickly overpopulate and become stunted. But Black crappies are actually recommended in larger ponds over 5 acres. Like I said the several best ponds I have ever fished were well managed ponds with the panfish populations fairly even at 50/50 with Bluegills and Black crappies. I just want to know how that is done. or make that the end result.
    I have the DNR book and from talking with most of the fish managers there, it is fairly dated info based on studies done in the 60's, the Bass-Bluegill-Catfish formula is the easiest to maintain so it is the most often recommended.

    What I need is a Time Machine :) so I can go ahead 5 years, fish for a few days then come back and change my stockings accordingly.

  5. I have also heard thewarnings on crappie. In particular I believe the white crappie are worse for the pond than blacks. I have fished a few ponds around that size that have crappie and the ponds seem to do well. However, based on the number of warnings on doing so I would make sure that I knew the consequences prior to stocking them.
  6. Simple way to get rid of the panfish. Invite the King over and tell him he can fill his coolers. Also invite catfishermen over to gather live bait. A month of this and your panfish problem is gone.
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    want rid of pan fish?? wait till ice season and invite us all over and have a cook out on the ice!!! :)
  8. Pan fish, "The new white meat"..................leave that window open just a crack and someone is gonna open it