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  1. I wonder if anyone can help me. I emailed the ODNR about two weeks ago by filling out there online form which they said was to be sent to the appropriate agency that would address my question and respond in relatively short period. Well, I haven't heard anything back (and I check my Spam folder everyday), so I assume they are not going to answer for whatever reason . . . . probably just an oversight or dealing with large numbers of emails. In fact, the ODNR is one of only a couple of government agencies that I applaud as using our tax dollars well, efficiently, and productively. Anyway, I asked then where I could find published information on the most recent gill net surveys, electroshocking surveys, stocking figures for all fish stocked, etc. for Ohio's inland lakes with the dates conducted, etc. Obviously, this must be public information as it is tax payer funded, so it must be somewhere to view but I have not been able to find it. If anyone has any suggestions of who to talk to, where to go to find it, etc. it would be appreciated.
  2. This part of the ODNR site recommends contacting these guys for questions on the creel surveys. I would think they may know about all of the surveys.

    For more information on our creel surveys contact:
    Inland Surveys -
    Kevin Page
    at (740) 928-7034 ext 222


    Lake Erie Surveys -
    Tim Bader
    (Fairport) at (440) 352-4199,

    Travis Hartman (Sandusky) at (419) 625-8062,
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    If you are looking for information in Northeast Ohio I would call the District 3 Office in Akron. They can give you all the info you want for the lakes up here and can put you in contact with the right people to contact for other district. You can also get the GPS coordinates for the habitat that they put into the lakes. The number is 330-644-2293 and ask for fish management. Hope this helps.
  4. i was told that they are trying to put all of the info on the website but it hasn't happened yet. i have looked just about everywhere and i still havnt found much on the shocking survey's, there are some books put out by the dnr with the stockings of the lakes on them. the simplest and cheapest is to go to walmart and get the northern/southern ohio lakes books, they have maps general info and stockings of all the lakes. as for the actual paperwork or studies info who knows
  5. Thanks to everyone! You've given me some avenues to try. I will let you know if I find anything fruitful out.
  6. I really hope they start including this info on their website. We had mentioned this a couple months ago and BigDaddy was going to ask them. They have a nice site it shouldn't be too hard to add to it.