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Stocked Trout

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by got_a_buzz_on, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Releasing today at New Lex Res. Trout for everyone put and take(if you eat those nasty things) Retired Dad and buddy are there right now hopefully i will have a report by early this afternoon. Id hate driving down there for nothing.

    Last release i was at was a WR and i landed 24. seems that there is a pattern with these fish. You just gotta know what it is. Corn and power bait aint the answer either.

  2. gonefishin'

    gonefishin' Lifestyle Farmer

    The secret is to place your bait exactly where it needs to be in front of a fish willing to strike. Works for me.

  3. oh yes but sometimes they can be bait specific. dad sittin beside me throwin spons and spinners gettin a few and me every cast gettin a bite. why dont you switch over to this dad.......i like to feel them hit the spinner......go figure

  4. looks like you have some reallynicefish there. Care to share whereyougotthem? Thats ok, Ive had mybestluck in thepast(long ago) with using spinners also. or a minnow type bait.
    I would like to ask you if you have been todillon any, but if you do not want toanswer on here that is fine. want to try and get there but hate to drive an hour or so to just bounce rocks all day.....
    Good Luck on the trout

  5. Looks like those two come from Salt Fork pretty recently...just guessing though ;)

  6. landed 24 and released to live another day since you don t eat
  7. Hoss

    longer ago than you was VERY cold that day

  8. GABO,
    I was just guessing by looking at the water color/level that I could see in the back ground. I've been spending quite a bit of time in the same area and having some decent results, and a few that that's why I figured it was recently. We'll have to try to get together sometime this spring/summer and shoot the breeze and maybe drown a worm or two. Take it easy and tight lines,

  9. hoss

    drowning worms there tonight........5 pm if you wanna drowned with me BIG ASSSSS net long rods.....3 of us.

  10. GABO,
    I'll have to take a raincheck for tonight. I have a buddy coming to look at a couple dogs. I've been wanting to fish after dark though, just to try something different. I'll have to wait and see. Good luck, it should be pretty good. Hopefully I'll sneak out tomorrow sometime. Tight lines,

  11. ill give a report on it monday......might try for the toothy ones though.

  12. I got two toothy ones last weekend back to back casts, tis the season.... :cool:

  13. you mean like this one.


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  14. LOL, yeah like that one....he didn't have a double jig in his mouth did he....I was trying to get my second one released last weekend that I guessed was about 44 inches and he rolled and about flung me in the water too...but he ended up leaving with both of my jigs...Could have very well been the same one...we keep an eye or two, but release all of the muskie. If you see my truck I'll be there somewhere. Tight lines...