Stir the Pot..... Cabin Fever Cure

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    Ok guys... The spoon is yours, so stir away.. New snow storm on the way. But quicker than you think spring will be here. So indulge yourself, forget the cold (oh yes, will probably have a short run at ice fishing) be brave, think big....dream. Shed that cabin fever and picture that first spring trip. Ah yes, open water at last.... crappies in the bays.....walleyes, shoreward bound ......northern pike in the shallows finishing up their spawn.. Your choice, you pick the pick the place...... but share with us just where you will make those first casts of Spring..... to give re-birth to this years fishing season............good thoughts to you and great fishing this season. Jon Sr.
  2. Ruminator

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    Nice thought for a thread Jon. !%

    Mine will be looking for crappies at our OGF Crappie Tourney most likely. ;)

  3. sgofish

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    :) Mine will be a long weekend in AEP come March. New tent, new heater, new gear,new attitude.:p
  4. Actually two for me.

    Casting stickbaits in the icy shoreline of Erie for fat spring walleyes.

    Hitting the first of the big smallies (20"+) running the Erie tribs in late March/early April. Best if caught on a topwater or on a fly.
  5. Mine will be ANY trip I can make to get out of the house and away from my nagging WIFE!!!! HAHA!

    I've already had to repaint the living room this winter........and have to install crown molding next. This warm weather can't come fast enough for me.
  6. I have two I'm looking forward to:
    1) Wading the shorline of mosquito until dark with my brother, pulling out limits of walleye multiple nights in a row.
    2) Wading Pikie Bay, also with by brother, when the crappie are in the shallows. If they're in about some fun!

    I can't wait.
  7. Starting early to mid March I'll be heading to Toledo every chance I get to fish the walleye run in the Maumee River. When I can't make it that far I'll keep doing what I've been doing all winter...go steelie fishin around here.
  8. mrphish42

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    Thank you Ruminator,...........The guy's on this site are all (and) I do mean "ALL" the greatest blend of fishing talent that one could ever expose themselves too. From the youngest to the oldest. Hope the guys that see this keep their comments coming our way.. Greatest therapy that I know about. Knowledge is power, and we are never more humble than when we stop to offer our help to others............... THINK SPRING?////// and I know that those of you that have posted / just might "pop" the biggest fish of your lives{in their dreams tonight) ............Jon Sr.
  9. bassmastermjb

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    AHHHHH, the evening Lake Erie breeze while trolling for huge walleye.The Indians game is on the radio, the smell of walleye on your hands and in the boat.One more fish to fill the ticket and a rod explodes down toward the water screaming in pain.............Mark
  10. The night before the first tournament! Boats waxed, units wiped down, putting the net on board knowing it will be a matter of hours before it is needed, fresh line, new knots, bait selection, laying out 12 rods on the front deck, checking the check list over and over, while doing this the thoughts race through my head on tomorrows game plan, hitching the boat up, marking routes on the gps, talking on the phone to the competition and telling them how bad they will lose, telling false stories on where I have been getting the quality bites, making the weather sound worse then it is, hoping the neighbors realize that it's fishing season and have made plans on how to deal with me rolling out in the early hours-(daily) cracking a final brew, cranking up the music in the garage, and knowing I'm ready for the weather, the pressure, the darn alarm clock, no sleep, long driving, hook setting, throttle pushing, wave banging, line breaking, short strikes, missed fish, windy banks, calm banks, dock talk BS, restroom lines, and the good old story after story of losing the big one. It just can't come soon enough.
  11. Trolling for eyes out of 72nd or Edgwater. Oh the nite bite I cant wait. Only 2 months away.

    There's one !!!
  12. I'm replacing the floor in my Erie boat the first weak of March. Provided I don't run into too many troubles I'll be heading out for Smallies for the pre-spawn (catch and release, of course).

    If the boat takes longer than expected, I'll hook up the trusty 14 footer and head to the Cuyahoga in search of the Norther Pike.

    I've been going to sleep every night dreaming of the first hook-set on the first trip. Won't be long now!!!!
  13. One Legged Josh

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    I turkey hunt down on the Ohio River. But, we can only chase birds till noon. At 12:01 we are heading to the Racine locks for Sauger and Catfish 'till we are so tired of shooting birds and setting the hook we drive back in almost silence for 250 miles. Completely satisfied.
    Ahhhhhhh Springtime.
  14. i will continue my quest for the yardstick walleye that is roaming lake Erie waiting to hit my jig. OH YES SHE WILL BE MINE!!!!!!!!
  15. I am mostly a bass fisherman and in past years I've made my first few trips to Erie, and am usually skunked for the first few trips (#$%@)!! So this year I'll be headed Inland. Hoping to set the hook on a healthy Knox Lake or Nimisla Largemouth... Last year I did catch this largemouth at Nimisila on March 31... [​IMG]

    But can I resist the temptation of Erie, right next door??

    GREAT THREAD!!!! Lets keep it going....

    Northcoast Basser... >)))))'>
  16. esox62

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    well hell...poundin the shallows at ice out at west branch for pike and muskie, ive seen the king each spring, but want the june queen. 50"
  17. Depends on the weather and what day of the week it is. If the kids are home I'll get to WB before dawn and cast for muskie then pick my daughters and maybe the wife up at the dock and take them crappie fishing until they get tired. Some more muskie fishing and top it off with some night time eyes. All this is subject to change due to the fact Bobby (Jig) can get his boat out before I can so then I'll fish for whatever he wants which will be eyes either at Erie or WB or Milton or Mosquito, etc. well, you get the picture.
  18. Mine will definitely be shore fishing one of the bays at Nimisila for some early spring topwater bites. Nothing starts the season off better than the thrill of a topwater strike. The bays there warm up quickly and early spring keeps the weed density down. Reeling in a 2 or 3 pounder with light tackle is my favorite way to welcome myself to another spring of our favorite activity.

    Of course, switching over to a Rat-L-Trap and getting one of those wrist-wrenching early season bites isn't a bad second option.

    After that fun, it's always Senko time. I find I've got to retune my sensitivity to a soft bite in early spring.
  19. mrphish42

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    Each and and everyone that posted here..... helped re-new my belief that cabin -fever is bad at times, but can be over come with help of a few good people... Also seeing that it has spawned lines of of other cabin-fever related threads..... is also self pleasing... Once again may I point out ( what we all remember as kid's ) in a couple of weeks it's March...... And as I said(when we were Kids} God forbid that first 65 to 70 degree, sunny day.... coats tied around your waist all the way home from school. Hell, it even fells better as you get skies....and big fish to you all. Jon Sr.
  20. how about smokin some? wild hog hunting with a bouie knife? now that will break the fever.