Stir The Pot #2- What's Your Favorite Lure And Why

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    With the ice still a little iffy it's time for another round of "Stir The Pot-Cure For Cabin Fever".What is your favorite lure, and why?Here's mine:
    When I was 8 years old in 1969 I had a dream.That dream was to purchase the complete fishing gear offer that was on the back of a comic book.It had 5 rod and reel combo's,net,stringers,extra line and a tackle box filled with lures for $29.95!!! I was on a mission to get that great deal and nobody was going to stop me.I peddled papers for a whole year to make enough money to buy it.When that package arrived at the house it was shear ecstacy.Well, me, my dad and brothers used to fish Aurora Shores when there were only a couple houses on it and the whole back of the lake was undeveloped.My dad and brothers were fishing the back coves and I decided to make my way to the main lake.It was a beautiful evening. the sun was just starting to go down.I was fishing the normal crawlers under a bobber when I saw huge swirls off to my left.My mind was going a mile a minute because big swirls meant big fish.I threw my wooden bobber and crawler over there and a huge bass engulfed my bobber.I was so bummed.I looked into my tackle box
    to find something I thought might fool that huge fish.Up until this time I never used a lure, the tackle box was just to have something to carry because every good fisherman had one.I pulled out this smallish floating lure, tied it on my line and gave it a long cast.Reeling it slowly past the spot where I saw the big swirls come up minutes before.Wouldn't you know it, WHAM, my rod bends in half.I start to sweat as if I just ran a mile.It seemed to take forever to reel in the big fish all the while thinking If I lose it nobody will believe me.I landed that fish, a 4lb bass and my heart was pounding out of my chest.My first thought was to take the fish and show my dad.I decided to stay, which was very hard when your 9 years old and have a monster bass on the stringer.I made another cast, same spot, same result.Now I'm freaking out.I caught 2 more large bass before the sun went down.I couldn't wait to show off my catch and brag about how I caught them on a lure.You couldn't whipe that smile off my face.
    Years had gone by and that lure was named"The Secret weapon".Whoever used it was guaranteed to catch fish.This lure caught so many fish I had to share it with my fishing buddies growing up, otherwise they went fishless.Well, sometime in the late 70's The lip broke off.Tried to cut another one out of plastic and glue it on, didn't work.All that was left was the memories and a broken lure.
    Fortunately e-bay came on the scene and people were selling lures.This was the greatest thing since the day the lip broke off my favorite lure.I figured I could find another one.I have the "Secret Weapon" but it doesn't have a name or markings on it so I start searching e-bay, opening up every auction that was listed.Low and behold, 6 years of looking, hundreds of hours later, millions of lures looked at.I FINALLY FOUND THE SAME EXACT LURE.It's called The Destroyer by Nils Master.In the past 10 years I've only been able to find 6 of them-I had to give 1 to my fishing buddy, which sits on his mantle at home.What memories !!!!!!!!! .................Mark
  2. I've been partial to jigs lately. I do a lot of verticle fishing in the summer and have had a lot of luck with 1/32 oz. and 1/64 oz. jigs tipped with either a minnow or maggots. Usually, I ones with #10 or #12 hooks.

    I've caught some nice white bass, walleye, perch, crappies, bluegills and a few carp (3lb-5lb) on them. Two years ago, while fishing off a covered slip at Green river lake in Kentucky, I hooked onto a pretty decent sized muskie. That little jig and 6#fireline on an ultra-lite rod kept me hopping for about 5 minutes before the fish made another run and the line parted. It broke water once and looked to be about 38"-42".

  3. Okay, I'll bite...

    I always keep a selection of small chartreuse (did I spell that right?) spinners, 1/8 oz and smaller, on hand.

    I don't think I've ever had a day when that didn't get something. They are also easy to cast, and fun to retrieve. I can let my seven-year-old son use them for bluegill, rock bass... whatever you can find along the shoreline, and more interesting for kids than the ol' worm and bobber. In fact, I have even caught crappie with them, jigging through the ice.

    Sure, they are useless for fly fishing. And my father-in-law laughs at me whenever I go to something that weighs less than 3/4 oz, or is shorter than 6". (He DOES catch bigger fish than I do, but I catch more!)

    But when I'm desperate, or just curious to see what's out there, I will always switch to that little green beauty.

    After that, I'd have to vote for the jointed, perch-colored Rapala. There is nothing more fun than twitching that bad-boy over some of those ripples that you have described. WHAM!
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    Ok MJB.... you just had to open that can of (worms) Immmmm,, of lures. Your going to send me on a mission that will take me awhile. Here is where people that read my posts (since I'm pretty new to this site) will find out that 30 years ago I used to write Outdoor Columns for newspapers in the Cuy. Falls...Stow...Tallmadge.....Hudson... etc ....local areas. Maybe some old timers on this site have read some of my articles in the past, in those papers....maybe not. Favorite "LURE" now let me see....... I'll be back later.
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    Current favorite lure is a 1/4 oz roundhead jig with a chartruese curly tail grub on it - it has produced more fish in my lifetime than all my other lures combined.

    I had a favorite "secret weapon" also when I was a kid. It was small surface plug, shaped mostly like a bullet, with a single hook and a feather attached to the hook. The hook went thru the body of the lure and the eyelet came out the other end. I caught what I perceived to be millions of largemouth bass and large bluegills on that lure. I accidently got it hooked in the dorsal fin of a rockbass that i was releasing up in Canada and it swam away on that rock bass never to be seen again. I was devastated.
  6. 7 inch T-Rigged Berkely original power worm with 1/8 oz unpegged bullet sinker, light line, sensitive rod, Deadly on highly pressured bass! Blue Fleck is my favorite color and it will catch bass on any lake in Ohio. Just ask my buddy Phil, he gringes everytime I even mention this set-up and he will never break down and throw it just because I fish it.:D We are very competitive and he will never admit I crushed him many a time under tough conditions with it while he changes lures every 5 casts.:confused: Times get tough, throw your bread and butter lures!
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    i have 2 favs. yozuri pins minnows, i have caught gills, walleyes, cats, and bass on them(the big lm below was had on a pins). the smaller the better especially late spring and very early summer. my fav lure is a storm natural perch wiggle wart before rapala. i had the lure since i was like 5, when my dad would take me to erie and to troll for eyes. 2 yrs ago out on mogadore bass fishing i caught a big channel on it, cat cracked the bait. took me a couple of months of searching but thanks ebay. i have found 3 more since then.
  8. White Roostertail
  9. jig and pig:D . I love to flip and pitch heavy cover for bass. nine times out of ten if a bass hits my 1/2 oz. jig it is a good one (keeper).:B
  10. DanAdelman

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    mepps #4 anglia seems very versitile and one of my go to's
    jigs and chartuse power bait if i must catch something
    favorite lure to use is probably either buzz bait or frog(used growing up)... just love that top water bite.
  11. The One

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    Spinner bait with chartruesse skirt and a willow blade. I have caught big crappie, bass, and pike on them. Plus I love how much water you can cover with a spinner bait.
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    Shad rap #5 shad. Cast or trolled, this bait has always produced for me. Lake, pond, river. Doesn't matter. Something will hit it. Even caught bluegills on it.
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    Jig and twister. N0.2 would be a purple glass shad rap. Won a walleye tourney on that.
  14. Firetiger Hot-n-tot!!!!!!! NO thats not it! White wiggle wart! Not it neither. HMMMMMMMMMM! Guess its the JIG! Dont think there is a better bait. Well Vibs are cool too. Man this is tough.:confused: :D
  15. Although I have only fished spinning gear once in the last 4 years (fly fish exclusively now), my "go-to" lure, IF I went back to it, would be a chartreuse Rooster Tail spinner 1/8 oz & under. In ponds, it's literally guaranteed success.
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    Well MJB......went back to an old newspaper article I wrote 33 years ago( I kept some of them) so my grandkids could see just how much their " pa-paw" loved the life he spent outdoors, Wrote about a lure that not only changed my fishing life at that time, but also one "hell" of alot of people that I came into contact with. That lure being REBELS RACKET SHAD and that was one fish catching son-of-a-gun......P.S. enjoyed your Aurora Shores story, I'll tell you something about that place the next time I see you. Jon Sr.
  17. JIGS,JIGS,JIGS,JIGS,JIGS,JIGS,JIGS,JIGS,JIGS,JIGS,JIGS,JIGS:D Sorry just best bait out there nothing that swims won't hit them!!!!;)
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    If I could only pick one I would have to go with ole' faithful....... rebel craw. All sizes too. I have caught smallies, bluegill, perch, rockbass, largemouth, carp, and one pike. I beat the cuyahoga to death with that lure. I keep at least 5 with me at all times. When the dam was still up at Munroe Falls I caught a smallie, a perch, and a carp on three consecutive casts on blazing hot summer day. I love that lure!

    Oh yeah. Pop R is a close second just because there is nothing like a smallie/largemouth smashing that badboy on topwater!
  19. Swim 'em like a fish, bottom bounce 'em like a crawfish. Can be fished slow or fast, deep or shallow, weighted or weightless, fast or slow water.
  20. This is tough. For bass, it would have to be a 4 or 6" motor oil Squirmin' Worm.
    For other fish, including trout, crappie, carp, walleye, small river smallmouths, white bass, I would either take a Panther Martin spinner, in several colors, or a Little Cleo Orange hobnail spoon. The Panther Martin spins at the slowest retrieve of and spinner I've used, and the Little Cleo just seems to tick the fish off and get them to bite out of anger.

    A lot of lures work, and if I was stuck with only jigs, or spinnerbaits, I could get by, nicely.