Stinger spoon colors ????

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by exexec, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. What are your best colors????
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    At the moment, Raspberry Dolphin is working great. But that can bet is to buy at least one of each :D


  3. Go to The Rodmakers Shop with at least $50, better around $75 and have Rich or Ray help you make a good basic selection. Also, take off the treble from the spoons and replace with a single size 1/0 and you will get better hook-ups as the single will give complete penetration throught the boney jaw. Rodmakers has the Gamagatsu hooks also.
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    Color selection is a tough question. Most have their top 6 or 8 colors that they will always atrt with, but i'm suree all of them will catch fish ot they wouldn't be made.

    Top colors for me are, in no particular order, monkey puke, shrimp, chicken wing, blueberry muffin, lemon drop, boy/girl, metallic superman, watermelon, and confusion

    What you really need is to just make sure you have the silver, copper, and gold base spoon covered, the rest of it is just different colors added to the base color. There will be days, or even hours during the days, when silver base out performs copper or gold and vise versa.

    The food group, as my son and I call it, chicken wing, blueberry muffin, and shrimp all worked very well last year for us.

  5. number one and two spoons for me the last three years were

    Hammered gold watermelon
    gold backed perch

    Even without the paint they still caught fish...
  6. Confusion was easily my best color last year. Other producers were Copper Puke, Orange Crush Tape, Light Daze, and Blueberry Muffin.
  7. That was exaclty what I am looking for.
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    When you change the spoon, you are putting the new hook on so that the point gap is facing the same side as the painted side which would be facing down in the water?
  9. Can someone recommend a webpage that displays all 200 or so colors of the Michigan Stinger Spoons? Can't seem to find a very complete chart. Companies like Cabelas carry darn few choice. I can remember some of the names, but not all. I'd like to print a color page or two and stick it in my precision trolling book between the dipsey diver chart and an extra copy of my OH fishing license online printout. Thanks.
  10. I don't really think the hook direction matters all that much as it is flipping around behind the soon at trolling speeds. I install mine with the opening facing the bottom of the spoon as I keep my spoons on foam and the color side is up for easy and quick selection. Jab the hook in the foam and the color faces up.
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    I have been under the impression that a spoon keeps its orientation while trolled with the painted side down while it flutters around. That sounds like a good storage method you have to help preserve their finish.;)
  12. Thanks for the info! After reviewing the chart, I've concluded that a superman color Scorpian helped me catch my first 10# walleye.

    Shortdrift, I just picked up two sheets of 12x12 foam to attach to side of boat near console to hang the mess of lures I'll frequently be tossing in Quebec soon. Now you got me thinking I can line a box and keep the colored side up for ease of finding/organizing/etc...