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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BigDaddy300, May 12, 2008.

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    I never really read all the details about the payment when they started talking about it. We were under the impression that everyone who qualified got $600 and $300 for each child. She received her payment last week and only got $300 for herself plus $300 for each kid. Did anyone else get reduced like this? We have not checked the reasoning yet but was just wondering if it happened to anyone else.
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    the paperwork along with it spelled out how your amount was calculated.

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    a friend at work has 2 kids and he only got 900 instead of 1200 like he planned.
  5. My wife rec'd $900 two weeks ago. I have yet to see anything. We file married, but split it, so I figure I should have another $900 coming (we have two kids).

    We shall see.

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    Ya, I got the reduced amount. The IRS told me it was because I got back more money on my return that I paid in taxes. Something to do with your taxable income. Wife stays at home with 3 kids, so I get back more than I put in.
  7. I am trying to picture how that could be. So you are saying you have a net income of higher than your gross income because your taxes net to a negative amount? I guess I have never heard of a situation where someone got paid more in income taxes than they paid in.:confused:

    I figured my amount on the web site listed and it shows that we should get $2,100.(married with 3 kids) I will just have to wait and see though.

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    I claim 7 on my W-4, and with three small children a wife that does not work, plus the rite off for my mortage intrest and property taxes. This reduces my taxable income so I get more back than I put in. By doing all of this I'm able to reduce my taxable income by about 15-20K. I did not get the full $2100, it was cut by about $250, make sence?
  9. Okay, now I am following you. I was thinking you were saying that you paid say $2,000 in via payroll and then received back more than $2,000 on your return. I was thinking that I need to get on that plan.:p

    Actually your situation is similar to mine. I actually claim 8 on my W4 so that I can keep enough back in my pocket throughout the year. I ended up at about 90% paid in of my full tax burden. There is a penalty that can be charged if you are not paying at least 90% of your total tax throughout the year. I don't know how closely they regulate that. I am just a few dollars over it this year so I guess if they want to be sticklers they can do something about it. I plan to change my W4 to avoid it this year.
  10. A lady that I work with is in that situation every year. Gets back more than she paid in (3 kids, husband does not work (injured, no disability).
  11. I knew you could get back all that you paid in but I never figured you could get more than that.:eek:
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    It called Earned Income Credit.
    My wife's cousin pain in $1200 in taxes and got a $5300 refund.:confused: :confused:
  13. Wow!!! I want on that plan.:eek:
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    I pay a couple grand every year and don't get squat back, make to much money and don't have kids. I'm getting ripped so hard every year it should be a stinkin crime. I dread this time of year...every year. I hate nothing more than paying more and more taxes. They take so much of my money and I never get anything back. I'm buying a boat with a bathroom and a bed next time so at least I can write that off. On top of it I have to pay taxes on money I win FISHING!!!!... BS:(
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    Ain't it funny how the little man gets the gold and the middle man gets the bone?:mad:
  16. I claim Zero on my W-4 and I still had to pay the State of Ohio $45.00 this year. Figure that craziness out...

    I hear ya' tourney fishing buds were laughing about that last weekend at the Joe...

    " gotta place like 8th or something, otherwise the Man is gonna get in your pocket!..."

    I've been saying for a long time soon as they figure out a way to tax the air we'll be all over for everybody.
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    Do any of you guys know the status of college aged people who are not claimed as dependants? I would have thought that I would qualify, but have not recieved anything yet. Yes, I made well over $3,000 in 2007.
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    I'm in the same boat. I just keep waiting and checking and waiting
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    Dang. Do you think you qualified? I honestly have no idea, might call our tax guy though.
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    did you check the schedule online to see when you are supposed to receive it?

    I'm 'college aged', in school, and I received mine already. I worked full time for most of 2007 though.