Stimulus Payment/Tax Refund

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  1. If anyone is interested in when they will be getting their extra refund, here is the site on the IRS's web page:,,id=180250,00.html The only thing that is odd is the fact that they say May 2nd will be the first day, but the first check hit the banks today! Anyone have plans already? I think I have to buy my wife a bike, but other than that, I dunno.

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    It says NO LATER THAN May 2nd which is why they can be on the way already.

    I am planning on putting mine into its own separate bank account and using it solely for tournaments. All my entry fees and winnings will be taken or put into this. Hopefully I can break even or maybe pay for Xmas presents with the account at the end of the year.

  3. Bassnpro1 read my mind! The extra money will definetely help with upcoming tournaments, cost of fuel, entry fees, etc, etc.
  4. snake69

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    Paying for my family's week of vacation at Indian Lake, same place and cottage I went to last year. It'll be gone almost before I get it!! But hey, the vacation will be paid in full, and that's what matters!!


    im not planning on doing anything with mine untill i see it sitting in my bank account and then i will deceide what i am going to do with it
  6. athensfishin'

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    Fiance got hers direct deposited today so they are coming.
  7. Intersting point of view snake. Im gona use mine to off set the rising cost of gas and food at the store. Never thought id see the day milk hit 4.79a gal. Keeps going up im gona buy a cow.
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    saving mine for hawgfest gas, it will be about 7 bucks a gallon by then:eek:.
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    that's why I'm spending mine on a SMITH & WESSON M&P 9mm, a pack of Marlboros and a handle of Wild Turkey
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  11. I guess I'll just sign my check over to Jack Maxton Chevy's body shop. My wife decided to tangle with the privacy fence next to our driveway, with MY Trailblazer. It was one hell of a fight, but I'd have to call it a draw. Tore up the well as my driver's side mirror and doorskin.:(

    I've been trying real hard at anger management. I didn't say a word. I chain smoked 6 marlboro's, secured the mirror w/ duct tape, hooked the boat and hit the lake.
  12. I`ve already received mine monday.$600 yeah;) :p direct deposit,now I`m trying to find me a merc 9.9,because my evinrude will not work with my troll master.
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    ME TOO . got mine today too.
  14. should get mine next week.... gonna be banked in a seperate account to pay for gas for erie this year.....
  15. for those of you who have already got yours..... If you don't mind me asking.... what are the last 2 numbers of your SSN...

    The reason I ask is mine are "03" and I still have not saw mine yet.

    Mine will be paying off the credit card and paying for the boat insurance.
  16. You get it the same way you filed taxes...if you got a refund via direct deposit that's how your rebate will come. Same with a paper check.
  17. I paid my tax's sent them a check for $3100 then they send me a check for $1200 someday,,,seems like I should have been able to deduct the 1200 from 3100 ,,,and sent them a check $1900,,,and we would be even,,,,
  18. I heard a news article talking about how several businesses were trying to take advantage of this spending opportunity by special offers on putting the money into a gift card. I believe they said Kroger's and Lowe's specifically but there were others. They said that if you put your entire check in to a gift card they would add 10% to it. I don't know that I have anything that I want to spend $2,100 on right away but a 10% return on the money right off the top sounds pretty enticing.;) I have not made any particular plans yet for the money. Most likely it will be used on things we were planning on doing some time soon anyway. I am quite a tight wad so I don't think the stimulus plan was designed with guys like me in mind.:D
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    Me either. Ours go to the Roth IRA.
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    I think for those of us that have the lower last two digits (I am included), they began sending the money out yesterday and we will receive it by no later than the 2nd.

    I wouldn't worry. I haven't received my money yet, and my last two digits are lower than yours.

    disclaimer: I hope this post isn't too full of dissent!